Saturday, December 7, 2013

Pampered Chef Show Temptations

The last few days I have not had time to write in the evening because I have had Pampered Chef shows!  I am exceedingly glad that I have shows, but they are not necessarily healthy food challenge friendly.  Friday night I did the best since I avoided all the extra food that was available, BBQ chicken wings, mini hot dogs, pizza, and everything looked amazing and like I wanted to eat it.  I was able to refrain from eating all but a small slice of the Hawaiian pizza that we made.  I ate half of one serving so I only consumed about 130 calories, which was budgeted into my caloric goal for the day, so I don't even feel the slightest bit guilty about it.

Tonight was much harder to resist.  We were making amazing thumbprint cookies and I had to try a couple.  The good news is that each cookie was about the same size as the nibbler cookies you can get from Mrs. Fields Cookies, as in they are pretty small, but the bad news is that I ate three of them.  Oh well, it is the holidays and what fun are the holidays without a little sweetness?

How cool is that?!  You can make 13 different kinds of cookies from one basic cookie dough mix.  You can get all your holiday cookie exchange baking done at one time!  Sweetness!!!!!

They were all very good I must say.  Unfortunately I am lazy and have not yet calculated how many points are in each cookie since there is no nutrition information for this particular recipe. Probably because you would have to have 13 different nutrition facts since each cookie has something different on it.  If you would like the pdf file for the cookies just let me know and I can send it to you.  

One more day of the first week of my challenge, and tomorrow is weigh in day!  I have been doing good all week and I think that I can make my goal of 154.  Now it is entirely too late for me to still be up ;-)  so until tomorrow! 

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