Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Healthiest Dinner

Today was probably the best day I have had so far on my challenge.  I was super busy today wrapping up my Pampered Chef shows.  I spent most of the day on the computer and on the phone.  I had three shows to close!  Maybe it was because I was so pre-occupied but I did not feel very hungry most of the day.  In the morning I ate an apple as my snack, and I ate a hard boiled egg with my lunch shake.  In the afternoon I ate grapes with the girls and a Greek yogurt.  I did have an energy slump in the afternoon but it wasn't too bad.  I didn't feel like I needed to fall asleep.  Lily was sleeping and Chloe was playing around with the toys so I was just hanging out on the ipad.  I am trying to find the perfect bracelet to wear next year to remind me of my Pampered Chef goals.  I want to earn the incentive trip to Disneyland!  You get to earn the trip for four people!  So my whole family can go, and Lily will be 4 1/2 and Chloe will be 2 1/2 when we go so they will be good ages. I am working hard to get my January booked so I can get the year started off right!  Increasing my show schedule will help out with our finances a lot as well!

So now for the moment that you have been waiting for: my super healthy Dinner:
Broiled Tilapia, brushed with a trace of olive oil, seasoned with Pampered Chef Garlic and Herb rub and lemon juice squeezed on top!  On the side I have asparagus seasoned with a little olive oil and Crushed Peppercorn and Garlic Rub.  Sooooo yummy and very low in carbs and super healthy!  Did I mention that it is super easy?  Took almost no prep work and it cooked very quickly.  Easy, Healthy, Fast, and Little Cleanup!  That is my kind of cooking!  Enjoy!
I finished out my day with some Grapefruit.  Yummy yummy!  Today was a perfect eating day :)
Now only if every day could be like today......

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