Monday, May 19, 2014

A New Scale

Today was grocery day and I went ahead and splurged on a new scale!  (Really it was only $40, so it wasn't that big of a splurge).  I honestly can't figure out why I didn't think of this sooner!  Now I really wish I had some before Chalean Extreme stats but at least I have something to go off of now!  I set up my profile on the new scale as soon as I got home and here is what it tells me:
weight: 150.2
BMI: 25.6
Body Fat: 29.7%
Muscle Mass: 58 pounds
Water: 51.3%

So much for my ability to gauge my body fat percentage with those calipers they sent me!  I asked my sister to look up my before stats from my herbalife challenge since Robert should have all my paperwork in my file, but of course as luck would have it, the paper has mysteriously disappeared.  But I know I was in the upper 30s for body fat percentage and I also know my muscle mass was less than 55 (who knows, it could have been 45 I really don't remember, but I know I have put on some muscle and lost some body fat!)  So I am super excited to have my new scale and now I won't get discouraged unless I am working hard and all the numbers are staying the same!

I'm trying to use up my Zumba classes before they expire and when I asked Matt when I could do Zumba this week (after my workout) he said "well you can go tonight".  So I ended up with a double workout again today!  Good thing the morning workout was weight lifting so it was really just a total body workout!  Zumba class was hard!  and so much fun!  The instructor was Mark, who is one of the owners of the studio I go to.  You can check out their web page here 

Well I'm exhausted, Lily was up ALL night last night so I am completely wiped out due to lack of sleep and too much exercise ha!  So wrapping up with my:
Gratitude Journal
I am thankful for Zumba.  Going to class tonight just reaffirmed my love for all things Zumba.  It is so much fun and I am also thankful that I completed Chalean Extreme.  I noticed tonight how much more I can jump around and also since starting Turbo Fire I can really take the intensity of my workouts up a notch!  

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