Monday, May 26, 2014


Vacations always derail me.  I just get into the vacation mind set where I want to eat whatever I can whenever I can.  That being said, I don't think I did too terrible on this vacation, but mostly because we got in so much exercise that I was able to balance out what I ate.  We had s'mores one night, and I snacked on the graham crackers for both days.  I also splurged on cocoa puffs for the kids which was a bad idea because they are my favorite kid cereal and so of course I got into them and snacked on those too.  Not the healthiest, but at least it is fortified!  The drive out was long since we kept stopping.  We hit up the Dinosaur museum in Woodland Park and the kids had a blast.  Chloe kept going "what's that!" and then roaring at all the dinosaurs, Lily was really interested in the kid play area this time around and created her own dinosaur:
We also stopped at the Thai restaurant out in Salida and they have amazing food! It's a little place and nothing fancy, but they have the best authentic Thai food I've ever eaten.  We also had to stop in Gunnison for some groceries and gas.

The next two days were filled with exploring the ranch.  I was impressed with how well Lily and Chloe were walking around and they were both having so much fun!
Here is a cute picture of me and Chloe when we were going up the tallest hill on the property.  Chloe had to be carried every so often but she really tried to go up as much by herself as possible, she kept wanting to be put down.
We came back Saturday night so the kids could sleep in the car on the way home.  Sunday was a disaster because both kids were so wiped out and so tired.  We left church after sacrament meeting because both kids just fell to pieces, and they both fell asleep pretty quickly once we got home. 

Today was great!  I ate really well until about 2:00.  Matt made me make that amazing chocolate cake today because there were two stakes created in Cambodia and it is the first time there has ever been a stake created in Cambodia and there were two created at the same time.  He has been begging me to make that cake for him since I made it for his birthday

So of course that was a disaster.  Dinner was actually very healthy, lobster tails and stake with vegetables at my parent's house!  But then we had ice cream with berries for dessert so I ate three desserts today (two pieces of cake) yikes!  But I am staying out of desserts for the rest of the week!

Happy Memorial day everyone!  And in honor of Memorial Day I think it only appropriate that my Gratitude Journal be as follows:
I am thankful for those who are currently fighting in our military
I am thankful to those who have died in service to our country
I am thankful I live in America
I am thankful to those who were courageous enough to sign the declaration  of independence so that we could have freedom

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