Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Not giving in

Day three has come and gone. My goal is to have a perfect first week and today was very challenging. Lily was not easy today.  She was overtired from going to bed late and too stubborn to poop in the potty.  She soiled several of her panties and threw a few tantrums.  I wanted to cave into my addiction and just fall asleep with her when she went down for her afternoon nap. But 20 points was enough to prevent me from lying down and sleeping.  I amazed myself by not giving into my desire to drink a soda pop and not giving in to eating unhealthy foods due to stress such as chips and chocolate.  So I was able to finish the day accruing all of my points! Just have to do my gratitude journal.

Gratitude Journal
Today I am thankful for my children.  While I have to deal with all the crazy drama that the kids bring I am still grateful to have them.  With all the recent deaths in my church and tragedies in peoples lives that I know, a heavy weight has been on my heart recently and I am grateful that my family is safe. For all the stress that the kids put me through I would much rather have them here with me than to have to let them go.

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