Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Blender drama and a double workout

Matt told me last night that I would be able to go to Zumba tonight.  I have a 10 class pass to one of the local studios but it expires at the end of June.  I have only used three classes so far and so I have to go once a week to get all my classes in before it expires.  Anyway, I decided to go ahead and to turbo fire this morning as well because you never know what is going to happen in the evening.  Matt might have some emergency at work come up making him come home too late for me to go to Zumba.  I couldn't leave it to chance and there is no reason why I shouldn't workout twice in one day, I'm not making a habit out of it! 

So today I did the Fire 40 class which I loved!  It was more fun than the starter class since it didn't break down any moves.  All the moves were pretty typical moves and once you get the routine down you are good to go.  I think that Chalean gives you really good cues throughout the program so it keeps you on track.  I can't wait to get the routine down good enough so I can fire up the music.  I love blasting music while I am working out, which is part of the reason why I love Zumba so much.  You can still hear Chalean talking in the background when the music is fired up, but it is much quieter, like her voice is drowned out by the music... which pretty much it is. 

Since I started the feel great in 8 challenge and I have to get four servings of vegetables in every day I decided that I would start making green smoothies.  I have several recipes to try from different sites.  Yesterday I made the green smoothie from the feel great in 8 blog.  And today I was going to make a green smoothie from a Doterra essential oils magazine I picked up from my neighbor up the street.  Apparently I left my brain somewhere else today because while I was mixing everything up I left my spoon in the blender.  I have absolutely no recollection of leaving the spoon in the blender, it's like I dissociated for ten seconds because when the blender started making funky noises I thought it was the motor or that the blender wasn't sitting on the base correctly.  After fiddling with it for a while and using the pulse button to see if it had been fixed, I blew a hole through the side of my blender.
That was not fun to clean up.  After putting some thought into what I wanted in a new blender I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get the blender of my dreams.  Except that we didn't have that kind of money to spend on a blender.... or did we?  I think I have mentioned before that I work for Deena who is my Pampered Chef director.  That is how I was able to purchase the Chalean Extreme and Turbo Fire programs.  This month I was planning on buying the select tech adjustable weights.  However, I have switched from weight lifting to cardio and I am doing weight lifting only once a week and I still have the weights my parents loaned to me.  So I decided that a set of weights can wait another month (the weights I want are $300) and go ahead and get the blender now. 

So I am going to Costco to buy the Blendtec with Deena on Thursday!  Yippee!  Blendtec and Vitamix are the two blenders that keep coming up as the best blenders on the market.  I was originally thinking of getting the vitamix, but it is $465 on Amazon, and they had the Blendtec at Costco for $300.  In the end it was easy to choose.  Is the vitamix really worth an extra $165?  Is it worth working an extra 13 hours to get it?  Probably not.  I think that the blendtec will be perfect, and I am super excited to get it in and use it!  Thursday can't come fast enough.

This evening as you know, I went to Zumba and I was the only person who showed up!  So I got a private class with the instructor.  It was lots of fun, and the songs weren't very intense which was probably a good thing since I had already exercised this morning.

The bonus activity for today for my Feel Great in 8 challenge was to write out your possitive affirmations.  Basically you figure out what negative things you tell yourself all the time and write the opposite down.  Then you put them in a place where you can see them and read them back to yourself with feeling and determination as if you believe what it is saying twice a day.  Here are the four things I thought of and the affirmations I wrote down

1. I am still so fat and my body is ugly --> I love and appreciate my body
2. I am naturally lazy and I hate that I am so lazy-->  I live an active and healthy lifestyle
3. I am a bad mom --> I do a good job raising my children
4. I am unhappy due to xyz --> Life is full of joyful and exciting moments

So you just write the good part of that down (I wrote the negative so you would get the idea)  As I find myself thinking other negative thoughts I will add more positive affirmations to this list.

And with that, I leave you with my gratitude journal for the day

I am thankful for Zumba.  Zumba has helped me this past year go from 211 pounds to 150 pounds.  I am thankful to all the people who have put in time and effort in creating Zumba and the Zumba games so I can play them at home and get an amazing and fun workout.  I am also thankful for Turbo Fire, my new and exciting workout.  I am thankful for Deena and I am thankful for the job that I have with her so that I can buy new things that I or my family need such as new blenders and exercise equipment.  Thank you for supporting me in my weight loss efforts!

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