Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Trip to the Temple

Quite a hectic morning getting everyone ready to go up to the Temple for the Primary Temple grounds tour.  It takes a little over an hour to get to the Temple and we were meeting at 9:50am.  So waking up, getting the family fed, getting myself ready to go, and then the kids ready to go (in Temple appropriate clothing) and then also packing lunch and making Matt a lunch too (which he promptly left on the counter.  A whole lot of good it did him there)!  It was quite an ordeal to get everyone out the door on time this morning and quite a whirlwind.  But we made it on time and the weather was great!  Lily and Chloe were running around on the grass and it was difficult to constrain them.  The tour started by reminding us that we were on sacred ground even outside the Temple and that we should not run and we need to be reverent.  I was like "oh no, how am I going to get these two little kids to be reverent outside and not run!"  Fortunately we were only reprimanded once, and that was when they got too close to the windows.  Lily didn't pay attention to a thing that the tour guide said and I was just lucky that Chloe didn't wander off somewhere, but Lily did like pointing out the Angel Moroni and of course she loved the fountain.
I did learn a few things today however, like how the fountain is a symbol for the gospel because Christ offers us living water, and the fountain runs all year round.  I also learned that the Angel Moroni has a lightning rod sticking out of his head to protect him from lightning!  After the tour we went across the street and had a picnic, and while we were walking over there I ran into my grandparents and my Aunt Kim!  That was an exciting and surprising event.  I was really excited to see them because it has been several months since I have seen them and with Mother's Day being tomorrow I am glad I was able to wish my grandma a happy mother's day.  My Aunt Kim had a great time teasing my dad about it, saying how she got to see me at the Temple today :-)

After the picnic we went to my In-Laws house and spent the remainder of the day over there.  We had BBQ spare ribs with broccoli and mashed potatoes for dinner and it was amazing!  Much better than left over mac and cheese.  (Although the mac and cheese is pretty good).  While we were there we decided to go on a little hike.  We didn't get to go very far because Lily was pretty tired and didn't feel like going for a long hike.  I was bummed about it though because my friend Deena had taunted me on fitbit earlier and I was trying to get more steps in to catch up to her (she was 11k steps ahead of me).  Matt came up with the idea for me to walk home while he and Lily drove back in the car.  I thought that was a great idea and seeing as how Chloe had fallen asleep in the hiking backpack it would allow her some time to sleep as well.

After the hike I was still 9k steps behind Deena!  But I had caught up a little.  She was out all day today with her daughter and granddaughter at the berry farm in California.  Well I tried, and I got over 13k steps in today.  So far week one of my goal to get in 10k steps every day (except Sunday which is a day of rest) has gone just perfect!  I was able to get in at least 10k steps every day this last week.  Now to keep it up for the next 7 weeks so I can get my goal points for the challenge!

Speaking of the challenge, I did hit all my food goals for the day (I even doubled the amount of protein that I was supposed to be getting ha!  Overcompensating for yesterday, too bad I don't get extra points), and all that is left is, you guessed it.  My Gratitude Journal

Today I am thankful for the Temple.  I am grateful that we have a Temple so close to us and that I can go there to get guidance and personal revelation from the Lord.  I am grateful that He is watching over me and that I am living my life worthy to enter into the House of the Lord. 

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