Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Pants

This morning was a mad dash to get all of the errands done.  Unfortunately that translates into spending money, but that can't be helped.  First stop was Wal-Mart to buy Lily some new shoes.  She needed summer sandals and new church shoes.  Wal-Mart got two strikes against them today because they didn't have kids cookies out making me buy a box of them for the kids because I am a sucker like that.  AND they didn't have any decent sandals or church shoes.  So I bought the cookies and left.  Turns out it was a good thing I bought the cookies because I could bribe the kids with them during the rest of the morning.  Next we went to Payless which turned out to be really great because they had half sizes and their sandals were on sale!  So I was able to get both of Lily's shoes for about $30.  Perfect!  I had to resist the temptation to buy myself some sandals and some flip flops since they were all on sale, but I reminded myself I still needed to buy a carseat, and shorts.  So of to Target we went, and the kids had another cookie in hand and I bought a carseat for Chloe.  I found an Evenflo carseat that was $80.  Perfect.  Much cheaper than the Graco one for $150 and nicer than the CosCos (?) one that was $50.  One last trip, kids are getting tired now and so I told Lily that if she was good she could have another cookie when we get back into the car.  TJ MAXX is the last stop.  I had a gift card for there so that is where we went to look for shorts.  I thought I was somewhere around a size 10-12 so I grabbed a bunch of each sizes and tried them on.  I tried on the size 10 first since I am always that way and always hope to be the smaller size.  Not only did they fit but they were loose too!  I didn't even mess with the size 12 and I went back to the rack to get some size 8s just in case.  I tried those ones on and they were perfect!  Size 8!!!!!!  Halleluiah! I couldn't believe it.  I was so happy I almost started crying in the store.  Single digits, can you believe it?
My victory pose
After all that hard work, and all the depression from not seeing the scale go down, there is only one thing on this earth in the world of weight loss that means more to me than the numbers on the scale and that is pants size.  This more than anything else solidifies how much progress I have made and that all my hard work is paying off.  For reference, the last pair of pants I bought was in September of last year and they were size 14.  (I weighed 175).  There is no way that 15 pounds equates to a three size drop in pants, so I know that I have been building lots of muscle and burning fat!  I am still reeling at the revelation that my pants size is now 8!

When we came home it was time for lunch and I put Chloe down for a nap and a movie on for Lily.  And since there was cake in the house I thought it was a just reward ;-)  This is not just any old cake, this is home made three layer dark chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting also home made!  This is the most amazing cake that I have ever tasted!  And I will post the recipe tomorrow for you to have and of course link back to the original website I pulled it off of. 
After about an hour or so of work I was feeling pretty good and decided it was time for my workout.  Chalean Extreme burn 2 to maintain my strength followed by Low HIIT 20 from Turbo Fire to continue on with the Turbo Fire schedule.  Here is my sweaty sweaty face after I finished.
If you look closely you can actually see a sweat drop near the top of my ear coming down, it's close to my hair line

Phew!  Now that I am all sweaty and exhausted I plugged everything into MFP and so long as I eat according to plan I won't even be over my calorie limit today!  woo hoo!  Happy happy day :-)

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