Thursday, July 30, 2015

A moment in time

Most of today went pretty well.  I went over to my friend's house in the morning and stayed for several hours to let the kids play and we chatted.  This is the friend who finished the Whole 30 around the time I started.  She is two weeks after her Whole 30 now and she lost 9.5 pounds during her Whole 30 and then she lost an additional 3 pounds the following week (week 5) just following the reintroduction schedule.  I keep wondering how much weight I have actually lost, and what is really going on in my body.  I haven't weighed myself in nearly three weeks so I'm super curious.  I never wait this long when I am eating well.  I hope I am making progress and I can hit my goal of 145 by the end of the 30 days.  Also I must have spoken too soon yesterday about the dreams because last night I had a dream that I ate a tin of gourmet cheesy popcorn (It's the stuff we get every year for Christmas and it is the most amazing popcorn ever).  I freaked out in my dream after I ate a whole bunch of it and then realized later that I wasn't supposed to do that because I forgot I was doing the whole 30.  I actually woke myself up which was very weird.  I thought in my dream.  "this has to be a dream!  I can't have blown it that bad." And I closed my eyes and woke up.  I have never ever done that in a dream before so I'm not sure if that is cool or freaky, but it does at least show how badly I want to do this right.

I had a moment of weakness in the late afternoon.  I really wanted something sweet to eat, and I wanted something so badly I thought I might cave because my thoughts started sounding something like this:  "This is too hard, I can't do this, there is no point I will never be able to be free of food, I just want to eat a large sweet something!"  But then I remembered that this is only a moment in time, and that in fact the whole day up until that point had been fairly easy to stay on track.  One moment can sometimes seem stretched out and unbearable but when put in perspective it is really just a blip on the timeline.  In a 24 hour period I probably was really wanting something sweet for maybe 10, 30 minutes tops.  It was the hardest 10-30 minutes of the day and seemed like eternity but in reality, it wasn't very long and most of the day was just fine. 

The moral is don't let your day or your healthy eating plans be ruined by ten minutes of struggling.  Remember, this too shall pass, and it is just a moment in time. 

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