Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Today felt pretty good.  I didn't have many cravings and my energy felt pretty good.  I also wasn't angry or upset.  I didn't have an energy crash in the afternoon which was really nice.  In the morning I sauted up a bunch of vegetables that we had in the fridge that needed to be used up.  Most notably the head of broccoli that has been in the fridge for forever.  I used avocado oil and chopped up the broccoli, zucchini, and bell peppers.  It would have been better if it had onion in it, but we used up all the onions last night.  I seasoned it with salt and pepper and some chive and tarragon seasoning I had in the pantry.  When I started eating it my stomach was churning but the more I ate it the more I liked it and my stomach calmed down.  My protein today for breakfast was a blueberry omelet.  I found a recipe online where you whip up eggs and you are supposed to add this thing called coconut Aminos but I don't have that so I put in some coconut butter and cooked the scrambled eggs in coconut oil.  Then add the blueberries.
Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and I also put some shredded coconut (unsweetened of course) on top.  It was surprisingly really good and I think I'm going to make it again tomorrow.  My food for the rest of the day was leftovers from previous meals. 

I made it to Zumba today and I'm still fighting workout fatigue.  Today my body felt like a ton of bricks, and it was really hard to lift my legs and do my squats.  I also wouldn't say I have boundless energy.  I don't.  It's not even 9pm and I could probably fall asleep with ease.  Which in a way is a relief since before I started I was having trouble falling asleep. 

I'm already analyzing myself in the mirror wondering if I have lost weight which is silly since it is only day 5.  Also I'm already having dreams about eating off plan foods, mostly cookies and the like.  I anticipated that though as I have had many dreams about gorging on sugary foods pretty much every time I start avoiding sugar I get those dreams.  Or any time I'm trying to be really good. 

My birthday is coming up in 5 days and I am trying to figure out how to get around not eating cake and ice cream.  I told Matt I wanted to go to the Korean Restaurant and eat Kamjatang which is this Bone In Pork and Potato Stew.  It's really good and we don't get it too often so that is pretty much perfect.  But my In-laws want to take me out for my birthday, so that is going to take some planning.  Fortunately it's my birthday so I can choose the restaurant.  I'm thinking of going to a steak house where I can either get a grilled steak or a grilled salmon.  The thing I worry about is if they use soy sauce in their steak marinades since soy sauce is off limits.  Nothing would suck more than getting to day 15 or so and then having to start over because I accidentally got a hold of an off plan item.  Even if I am planning on extending the program to 45 days or 60 days depending on my results (If I have good results I am definitely planning on extending the program) I still don't want to have to start back at day 1 because I messed up.

So today was a pretty good day.  Switching to the smaller plates helped me to not feel so stuffed between meals and I still didn't feel the need to snack inbetween breakfast and lunch, and that included a workout.  I am planning on doing the after workout snacks when my intensity goes back up.  Like when I can actually do my runs or if I do a turbo fire workout.  I did eat a snack at about 4:30 today because Lily had dance class from 5:30-6:30 so we didn't eat until after 7pm.  My snack was some chicken deli meat and a handful of macadamia nuts and I felt great.  Normally I would be starving even if I had several snacks.

5 days down, 25 to go until completion of the mandatory 30 days. 

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  1. I completed day one with ease, thanks for being so inspiring.