Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kill All The Things

Day 4

I think I am out of the hangover phase, or I just got over it really quickly.  Maybe it's because I've restarted eating healthy so many times my body is used to it and gets over it quickly.  But even then I never cut out soda and sugar and wheat and all that stuff.  Day 4 starts the phase that they call the Kill all the things phase.  This is because your brain is grumpy.  It is demanding carbohydrates and sugars which it used to get all the time but now it is being forced to go without and your body is being forced to burn fat for fuel instead of sugar and carbs.  So it makes your brain grumpy and people tend to get angry and upset over nothing and are pretty crabby for a few days.  
I thought I might be able to bypass this symptom as I felt pretty good today, but come 3:00 I was really angry for no apparent reason.  However my brother was over and I hardly ever get to see him.  He goes to school in another state and he was only home for a few days.  We had a great evening and soon I forgot all about being upset.  Hopefully that can last.  I hear this phase can last a while. 

This morning I had leftover southwestern scrambled eggs, made the kids eat their breakfast, made Matt oatmeal and then we took off to the Zoo for a morning out.
The kids got their faces painted for the first time ever, and they thought that was pretty awesome.  They both got butterflies.  They fed the chickens and the giraffes and were pretty enthralled by the indoor glass beehive.  They had a great time and I'm glad we went.  I ate a pretty big breakfast but I didn't know how long we would be out so I packed a snack of a apple and a handful of macadamia nuts in case I was hungry.  Turns out I wasn't hungry but the kids were.  They ate all their snacks plus the snacks I packed for myself so it was a good thing I brought a little extra food. 
We spent three hours at the Zoo and when we came home I started having some kind of pain in my left abdomen,  Not sure what that was all about but when I was doing Zumba on the Wii my left side was cramping up a whole bunch.  Lunch was some curry chicken tenders, and you can see the rest.  Lots of veggies and had some macadamia nuts and about 1/4 avocado for fat (there is also some oil in the curry).

I was talking to my friend today who just finished her Whole 30 and she said to embrace the fat, and that using the smaller plates is fine.  I was thinking I was eating too much food because the guidelines say to put your protein on then fill your plate with veggies.  Well if you have a really big plate then you are going to eat a lot more food.  I have been feeling pretty full lately so I decided to stop using the dinner plates and go down a size to the lunch plates.   Also as far as fat goes, you are cutting out a lot of the carbs you used to eat.  You are still getting carbs in your veggies and especially if you are eating the starchy carbs like potatoes and squash, but no where near the amount that I used to.  I mean oatmeal is all carbs.  And a sandwich for lunch.  All carbs.  Anyway, cutting out the carbs you need to get energy from somewhere and also it is important in helping your body switch from burning carbs as a fuel source to burning fat as a fuel source. 

For dinner I read an interesting thing about making a sweet potato bun by cutting a 1/2 inch slice of sweet potato (one for the top and one for the bottom) and frying it in some oil on each side until done and using that for your bun.  so I gave it a try.... my sweet potato was not wide enough but it was still good and it worked.
Sweet potatoes count as a vegetable so I have my hamburger, my sweet potato and I had guacamole and some olives for fat plus there are onions, tomatoes and lettuce on there so I think it worked out well.  Those are bakes sweet potato "fries" (basically sweet potato coated in olive oil and salt and baked). 

I didn't have any problems with constipation today, and all in all I think things went really well.  I was able to make it through my Zumba workout but it was tough there at the end.  I got really tired about 3/4 the way through.  But I still had energy in the evening before dinner (which we ate around 6:30 and I didn't get too hungry before then) to go on a walk and play with the kids. 

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