Saturday, July 25, 2015

Too Big. Too Small.

We went on a hike with the family this morning and the kids did amazing!  Especially considering that neither of them ate much for breakfast.  I've decided that I'm not going to let the kids eat cheerios for breakfast anymore.  Lily was whining and complaining the whole way down the mountain that her tummy hurt and she was so hungry.  All she ate for breakfast was cheerios with no milk.  Chloe took two bites of oatmeal and then didn't eat anymore.  They both were amazing going up but it was tough going down because they expended all their energy and were both complaining about being hungry.  So I have to go back to making them eat their breakfast, because only when they both eat all of their good breakfasts are they pleasant and don't complain about their tummies hurting.  Of course they came home and ate strawberry pancakes for lunch.... Well at least it had strawberries and some substance to it. 

I felt pretty good today, I had plenty of energy for the hike, but I got pretty tired for a while afterwards.  I've also noticed today that I don't look so lumpy on the sides.  I think I look a little thinner, and that was confirmed when my pants started falling off while jumping on the trampoline this afternoon with the kids.  It is interesting because my size 10 pants seem to be too big but my size 8 pants still seem to be too small.  Or at least they are pretty tight and not all that comfortable to wear.  I can button them up but they are really tight around my thighs.  Typical.  My thighs are the last place on my body to shrink.  That is where my body likes to store the fat the most. 

Meanwhile, my appetite seems to be getting smaller and smaller.  I assume it's because my body has now switched over from burning primarily carbs and sugar to burning protein and fat and there is plenty of fat on my body to burn.  I couldn't eat all my breakfast this morning (I ate most of it but left some behind which is unusual), and I ate one zucchini cut into noodle strips with a few shrimp and romesco sauce  for lunch.  It seemed like it wouldn't be enough food but when I ate it I was plenty full.  That just goes to show that my eyes are still bigger than my stomach.  I'm used to putting a lot of food on my plate.  For dinner I had a bunch of watermelon at my parent's house and one Tilapia filet, which the kids ate half of, and a bunch of grilled broccoli, tomatoes, and green beans.
It was soooooo good and my mommy made it for me :-)

It was nice not to have to cook dinner tonight.  I find myself still pretty tired fairly early in the evening, like around 8pm and I'm still sleeping until about 7am when I can.  I am pretty tired if I have to get up before that.  Hopefully I will start being more perky this coming week. 

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