Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Past the hardest days

Ready.  Set.  Run!  I made it through my whole run today, even though I had to turn the speed down on the treadmill.  I try to do my running segments at 6mph, but I did the whole second half at 5.5mph which I figured was better than walking or giving up.  I felt pretty good during the run, except that spot where my blister was.  It finally healed and peeled off and I'm sure I'm now just blistering it again, even though I put moleskin on.  I just don't know how to stop that spot from rubbing.  I probably have to change the way I run, which is never a fun thing to do. 

Today was my birthday lunch and I was so excited to get Kamjatang.  I was meeting Matt at the Korean restaurant at 1:00, which is later than I usually eat lunch, but I wasn't too hungry.  I decided not to do a recovery snack after my workout because I was going directly from working out to eating and there wouldn't be enough time in between my snack and my lunch.  (you are supposed to give it about 90 minutes in-between).  Well I arrived right on time and Matt arrived late.  I went in with the girls and I was surprised at how well behaved they were, especially because we sat and waited for 30 minutes for Matt to show up.  During that time I found out that they were out of kamjatang!  I was devastated and wanted to just leave right then and there.  I had been looking forward to it for a week and a half and I was just so crushed.  This was my Whole 30 approved birthday lunch.  The one time I was planning on eating out during this adventure and I wasn't going to be able to get it!  For some reason they were sold out and wouldn't have the ingredients until Friday or Saturday.  Fortunately I had a backup plan.  Not as good as my main choice as I would have to pick out the tofu and the dukbokki (made from rice).  Kimchi Jiige was my second choice but I still looked at every single thing on the menu before settling on it.  Korean food is great but the problem with it is that it either contains rice or... well, lets just say that almost all Korean dishes contain some form of rice.  Which makes it much harder to eat there.  The Jiige soups come with rice on the side, which I chose not to eat.  Just as well because the kids ate most of my rice anyway. 
You can see some of the tofu chunks I had to take out.  After we ordered around 1:30 the food didn't come until 2:00 by which time I was thoroughly pissed off (sitting and waiting for an hour with two little kids will do that to you).  Then of course everyone's food came except mine.  My food came about 10 minutes after everyone elses and I was seriously starting to wonder if the family was going to finish eating before my food came.  As it was Matt took the kids home so I could finish eating my food in peace.  This could have been a good excuse to throw in the towel on the whole 30 but that wasn't really an option for me.  I really like the fact that I am not hungry all the time anymore.

On that note I find myself being more productive in the afternoons and generally throughout the day.  Before the Whole 30 when I was hungry all the time I would try (and largely fail) to do other activities to distract me from being hungry.  Now that I am not hungry I find it much easier to do other activities because I'm not constantly thinking about food.  I'm not deprived of nourishment and I don't feel hungry until right before it is time to eat.  Today I didn't get hungry until 7pm and I had a light dinner.  Although that might have had something to do with my 2:15pm lunch. 

For dinner I found myself really wanting Almond butter, which tells me that my body is really starting to switch over to burning fat as a fuel source.  My mom said that she found she wanted to eat fats (good fats!) a lot more while she was on Whole 30.  Fortunately you get to eat fats with every meal so that's a good thing to crave.  Kind of like craving protein. 

Anyway, I am feeling pretty tired right now.  I took the kids on a walk at 6pm and it basically turned into a run.  The kids ran almost a while mile.  Combine that with my run this morning and I'm just tired.  Tomorrow is day 12 and I can't wait until week 2 is over and I can get to week 3 which is where you really start to see changes in the way you feel, your energy levels, and I'm sure that is where the weight loss really kicks up too. 

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  1. I started the week out really well and then my husband planned a mini vacation over last weekend...also did well, BUT then VBS started. I work a full time job good ol' 8-5...with VBS from 6-8. I have been running like crazy and not the workout kind that show amazing results on the scale, but the I can't do all this and make good choices kind of running. ugh...I thought after conquering the weekend, I could get through VBS unharmed...I was so wrong. I'm not throwing in the towel quite yet, I'm just rethinking my strategy and will need to do some back pedaling to undo the damage. As much as I hate doing damage control, I love how rewarding you feel when you start taking care of yourself again. :) I love hearing about your experience!