Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Today was a much harder day.  After yesterday's run my calf muscles were super sore today.  I don't usually run with an incline (which presents a problem when you look at doing an outdoor run) and my muscles are now protesting.  So I could hardly walk when I got out of bed this morning.  I hobbled around all day.  However, I still went to Zumba, I didn't have to do many walking motions in Zumba so I was ok.  It was still much more difficult than usual and I didn't work up as much of a sweat as usual just because I couldn't move as well, but that's okay because I had to go swim afterwards.  I am going to try to get in three swims a week between now and August 22nd which is when we are doing the triathlon.  It's a 1 mile swim so I need to make sure to get my practice in.  I think I could maintain a swim for 1 mile but I am terribly slow, and practice will of course only help.  When I started my swim I didn't think I would be able to continue because kicking my feet worked my calf muscles, or at least moved them in a way that hurt.  I never thought about it before but I was sure thinking about it then!  I tried kicking more from my knees to take some of the pressure off my calves and I was able to finish. 

I was terribly tired the rest of the day,  too much exercise probably.  I am taking tomorrow off and then Friday I am going to swim and do a yoga class.  Doing my run outside made me realize just how much work I still have to do before the triathlon.  So I am going to make sure to get in two outdoor runs each week before race day.  Yesterday I had to get up at 5:45 and that actually wasn't too hard surprisingly.  My old blisters have healed but much to my despair new ones seem to be forming.  What is up with that?  Why is it that when I finally get rid of one blister, a new one appears somewhere else?  I haven't had any problems with those spots until the old ones heal.  *sigh* I'm just doomed to have blisters forever if I want to run I guess. 

I had to go to the grocery store today and that was hard.  I hobbled around the store and was pretty tired and grumpy, and the kids were less than stellar.  Chloe was also very tired but I wanted her to stay up so she would go to bed at a decent time.  She has been taking late naps and going to bed at 10pm for the past several days and I need that cycle to stop.  It was the most difficult shopping trip I've had.  All the junk food just seemed to jump out at me and yell "eat me!" And then I had to walk by the giant soda cooler and I wanted a soda so bad.  I tried to put my blinders on and just get what was on my list which consisted of meat and vegetables and some fruit.  I did get to buy scallops and I am so excited to cook them in a few days.  I hardly ever buy scallops but Matt just got his letter that he passed all his comprehensive exams for school and can officially start his internships so I want to make him something special to celebrate. 

When I got home I realized the reason why I wanted to eat everything at the store was because I was hungry.  I had done a pretty long workout at the gym and hadn't eaten anything extra to compensate for it.  So I ate a sausage with some vegetables when I got home and felt quite a bit better.  For dinner I made something new.  It was an Asian ground beef stir fry with cabbage and it was really good.

  Matt loved it.  He loves meat and vegetables so he has been really enjoying the dinners I've been making lately (although I still haven't told him that I'm doing the Whole 30, and no he doesn't read my blog) I have noticed that he is complementing the meals I make more and more.  He loved breakfast this morning of poached eggs and hash browns with peaches.  I made him his toast as usual, but I refrained from eating any. 

I gave Matt the last of the beef stew for lunch and I had chicken salad with vegetables.  I'm planning on going to bed a bit early as I'm pretty tired today. 

I find myself wondering more and more what changes are really taking place, and wondering about my weight and wondering how much I've lost and if this is really worth it.  In the timeline it says this is pretty typical.  I haven't had any dreams lately of eating off plan foods although I had plenty of them during the second week.  The third week must be the week of doubt or something because that is what seems to be going through my mind a lot.  I just have to keep it in perspective.  I can't expect to be at goal after only 19 days.  Besides that there are plenty of positive changes that are occurring that I have already talked about in yesterday's post. 


  1. Love your honest and inspiring! About the blisters...have u changed your socks or your shoes, perhaps that may change you getting blisters all the time. I have to buy wide shoes so that my feet can breathe and expand on runs. Keep up the Whole 30...I might try it after reading and learning from you!

    1. Thank you for you comment! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I have tried three different pairs of shoes and it seems that I just got blisters in three different places. It is probably more my form than my shoes as I don't really work on my form (other than trying to run on the balls of my feet rather than the heels). In fact my ankle is scraped up because my right shoe will periodically hit my left ankle when I run. That has become painful, so I'm really trying to be aware of where my feet are when I run.