Monday, July 13, 2015

How do you eat your sugar?

Thus begins day 3, and I felt better today than I have the past few days.  Day three is still technically the withdrawal phase, but I didn't have a headache today, and my aches and pains have pretty much disappeared, at least for now.  The hardest part of today was the afternoon right after my workout.  I really wanted a diet pepsi and to eat a bunch of chocolate cake.  It's a good thing I was at the gym and not at home.  By the time I got home I needed to make dinner.

This morning I felt more energetic.  I slept better last night.  This morning I made Southwestern scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I made the salsa from scratch which was pretty easy with my manual food processor.  I really enjoyed the breakfast but Matt thought the eggs were too greasy from cooking them in the oil, so I will probably half the oil next time and see if he likes that better.  I think they could have done with a lot less oil as well.  I could always just skip cooking the eggs in oil and get my fat from another source like nuts or avocado or olives.
The salsa was great and I'm sure it will taste even better tomorrow.  I filled the rest of my plate with leftover sweet potato and Brussels sprouts from yesterday to get all the veggies I'm supposed to have.  We had a ton of errands to run this morning and the kids did great.  I had to add an extra stop on at the end because Whole Foods stopped selling Ghee a few months ago.  Fortunately I remembered my sister telling me they sold it at Sprouts.  (Ghee is butter with the milk proteins taken out of it).  At Costco I found this:
Avocado Oil!  Super cool.  It's one of the really healthy cooking oils, along with coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil, and comes highly recommended.  Now that I have been out shopping several times my grocery bill is getting a bit larger.  I can't seem to get everything I need in one trip or at one place.  I am not focusing too much right now on buying Organic, that will come in time, but I did get organic eggs today and wild caught salmon. 

Lunch was a build your own lunch style.  First you put protein on your plate, then fill the rest with veggies, and add 1-2 servings of fat.  So this is what I came up with
That's the sausage I mentioned two days ago, I had macadamia nuts for my fat and a nectarine with my lunch.  One of the big things they talk about in the book how to eat your fruit.  Fruit is the sweetest thing that you eat on the plan.  You can eat it because it is a real food and it is natural and fruit is healthy or you.  However if you have a sugar addiction (like me) and bad habits around sugar (like me) and you crave sugar (like me) you need to be very careful on how and when you eat your fruit.  They recommend starting out with only two servings of fruit a day and eating them with your meal.  Not before or after your meal, or for snacks.  This is because many people will have dessert after dinner and if you usually eat sugar after dinner and you stop eating cookies but you still eat fruit your brain is still getting sugar after dinner.  It doesn't know the difference between the sugar in your cake and the sugar in the fruit.  All your brain knows is that it wanted sugar and it got sugar.  Therefore you are not breaking any habits at all.  Another example is if you usually have a candy bar in the afternoon.  If you replace your candy bar with, say, a Larabar (which is only dates and nuts and therefore whole 30 compliant)  you are technically complying with the plan, and technically eating healthier but you are not changing any of your habits.  You are still eating sugar for your snack in the afternoon.  Instead you should replace your afternoon snack with a protein and a fat combo, like eggs and nuts, or beef jerky and avocado (If you find you even need a snack anymore).  This is an important step in retraining your brain.  So today at Whole Foods I found some Organic dates.  I love dates, they are so good.  So I bought a small container and ate some right before lunch (probably shouldn't have done that but I really wanted those dates and I analyzed why I wanted them and concluded it was because I haven't had fresh dates in a long time and not because I was craving sugar so I decided it was safe).  I ate four dates and put them away and then continued making lunch for the family.  However in a very similar scenario, I was also wanting to eat some dates this evening after dinner.  Again I analyzed why I wanted the dates and I concluded that it was because I was stressed and upset because I spent an hour making dinner and the kids didn't eat it and my cauliflower mash didn't turn out right.  So I decided not to eat them because that would not be keeping with the spirit of the plan.  That would be stress eating and filling my head with sugar because I was upset and normally when I'm upset I want sugar.  So I said no and cleaned up dinner.  By the time I was done cleaning the kitchen the craving for sugar was gone.

My energy did fall a bit around 2pm, but I was headed to the gym.  It was a tough workout and I didn't finish like I wanted to.  I decided to do a run since I missed all the morning classes and I didn't want to swim or sit on a spin bike.  I only made it running about 25 minutes and had to walk the rest of the hour.  (I did fast walking on incline).  I hope that I improve quickly and I'm assuming that I will need a few days to get back to where I was as I'm still recovering from being sick (I still have a cough although my tooth pain is gone).  I still managed to keep my heart rate between 145-155 and burn 570 calories in the hour.

For dinner I made a really good Shrimp pasta with Romesco sauce where the pasta is Zucchini noodles.  (You jullienate zucchini to get noodles)
And you can see my cauliflower mash on the bottom that didn't turn out.  It's supposed to be the consistency of mashed potatoes and it was really runny.  Also I missed the spot in the directions where it said to add the garlic to the boiling water while you boil the cauliflower, so I added fresh garlic to the blender and it was just way too strong to eat.  I woofed down mine with my zucchini noodles because I spent all that time making it, and didn't have any other vegetable to substitute it with.  My stomach protested much of the remainder of the evening and I couldn't get the smell of garlic out of my mouth.  I want to try the recipe again only cooking the garlic the correct way and maybe using a little less chicken broth so it is a bit thicker.  I also noticed while I was cooking that I am almost out of onions and running low on garlic.  I'm going through them a lot faster as there are onions in almost every single recipe.  (good thing I like onions and garlic).

I'm starting to get pretty tired now, but it's getting later so that is a good thing.  Hopefully I can feel good tomorrow too.  I'm taking the kids to the Zoo.

Oh! And one more thing I wanted to mention is this.  There is a lot of cooking involved when you eat this way.  I might have to find a way to make multiple meals a day, or multiple veggie dishes unless I want to cook every single day, which my desire to cook every day doesn't usually last long.  Maybe if eating this way stabilizes my mood and keeps my energy levels up I won't be so opposed to it and my enthusiasm will last longer.  Tomorrow I enter the phase called "Kill all the Things".  I'll tell you more about it tomorrow :-)

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