Thursday, July 2, 2015

Re-Inspire Yourself

I'm getting tired of being where I'm at.  I was 152 this morning.  Working hard and feeling like you are going no where is discouraging.  Plus I picked up a cold from somewhere, of course it's right before our vacation.  It was incredibly windy last night and it really stirred up my allergies.  At 3am I woke up with snot pouring out of my nose.  I decided to take my antihistamine early.  About 30 minutes later my nose felt better but my head and throat hurt plus Chloe had woken up so I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night.  I woke up with a headache and not feeling too well despite doing nothing last night from about 8pm on.  I put the kids to bed and then put myself to bed.  I figured I was getting sick since I was so tired and my throat hurt.  Today I get the killer combo of having a cold plus really bad allergies.  Even maxed out on allergy meds my nose is still running.  But at least it's liveable.  This morning I wanted ice cream for breakfast, I was upset and my head felt awful.  I had two leftover pancakes and then I was going to go shower but as luck would have it the pilot light for our water heater had gone out.  I don't know if it was due to the wind or not but Matt couldn't get it re lighted.  So no hot water.  I guess that turned out to be a good thing because I decided to do Fire 45 from my Turbo Fire DVDs instead.  I was talking with a friend yesterday about how I broke through my plateau last year.  Basically it was by doing Turbo Fire and being very careful about what I eat.  I was also drinking Shakeology at the time.  Being sick and tired of sitting around at 150 maybe it's time I start doing more of what I did a year ago.  150 seems to be a natural resting place for my body.  I had a hard time breaking past that point the first time and now that I am here again, I'm having a hard time breaking past it again.  (Let that be a lesson to me never to reach 150 again or I will probably have to deal with a plateau again).  I'm thinking of getting some kind of health shake like shakeology to have for lunch to help me overcome this second plateau.  Lunches are the worst time for me anyway, I have grown tired of sandwiches and the general healthy options so knowing that I'm just going to have a shake will probably be a good thing.  I've been eating a lot more calories for lunch than I used to (Chips, bread, butter).  I'm thinking of giving some of the Doterra Slim and Sassy metabolic shakes a try since I can get them at a distributor discount.  Shakeology is just so stinkin expensive, it's like $150 for one month for a one time order (they slap on $15 in shipping for one time shipping.  Shipping is almost free if you order it on a recurring monthly basis). 

Anyway, that's just my thoughts.  I did get a picture taken of my awesome racing outfit!
Lookin' Good.  Since there was no hot water in the house and I was a sweaty mess after doing Turbo Fire
I decided to pack up the kids and head to the gym to shower.  Plus I get to hang out afterwards at the cafe.  Doing Turbo Fire really perked up my spirits and I am going to start incorporating more TF workouts into my schedule, especially the HIIT workouts.  If they worked before, they can work again (given that I keep my nutrition in check.  Blast that whole eating thing why does it have to be so hard!) 

I decided to skip the ice cream today as I managed to re-inspire myself, and all because the water heater was broken.  (Way to look on the bright side!  Let's not think about the $1000 it will cost to replace it.)  I've been getting tired training for the triathlon.  I'm kind of bored with it, so I figure I will just do what I can when I can and make sure I keep working out.  It is much better to change your workout than to stop working out all together.  The Tri is coming up in about three weeks so it will be over soon and I won't have to worry about training for it anymore.  I'm going to wear my new outfit for our bike ride this weekend.  I'm excited for that!  Hopefully this head cold thing doesn't get in the way of a good weekend out. 


  1. Have you considered Advocare? They have a 10 day cleanse that's pretty affordable. Can you eat clean for 10 days? I think anyone can do anything for 10 days! It has helped me get over some plateaus. I'm currently on a plateau but I'm leaving town Thursday. When I get home I'll be doing the cleanse. Hopefully to get the travel weight off plus some to get me over this hump. Check it out here: You can contact me through the site if you have any questions. Not trying to sell you something, but just give you an option to consider.