Thursday, July 16, 2015

Burning fat and protein instead of carbs and sugar

One thing that has amazed me these past six days is how full I've been.  I haven't had the desire to snack inbetween meals at all (except for last night because we were eating dinner very late).  Today I started freaking out because I didn't have any prepared side dishes and you need to eat a platefull of vegetables with every meal.  I was thinking that I didn't have anything for dinner tonight and I only have one serving of mixed veggies left over for breakfast tomorrow and that was it.  So I kind of went on a cooking spree.  I remade the Cauliflower mash (I actually read the directions this time), and I made Pan-roasted brussels sprouts and squash from my left over brussels sprouts from when I made the balsamic roasted sweet potatoes and brussels sprouts.  I also had a bunch of left over butternut squash after making that so I also made butternut squash with kale and swiss chard.  (And I still have about two cups of butternut squash left over).  It was a huge squash.  So now I'm feeling satisfied that I will have some sides to choose from for the next few days.  After all that cooking I didn't really feel up to more cooking so I made some quick and easy salmon with a tomato topping.  Super easy.  I didn't make the salmon until later though because I just wasn't hungry.  It's crazy how I normally get hungry around 2:30 and stay hungry even if I snack until dinner time.  Sometimes I would even eat dinner at 4:30 because I was starving.  But since I started whole 30 I am just not hungry.  They must really know what they are doing because what they have you put on your plate and the ammounts you put on your plate sure keep me feeling satisfited, even after reducing my plate size to the lunch plates.

Matt wanted poached eggs with toast this morning.  I really wanted to make the blueberry omelet thing again, but I figured I would just go with the flow.  If Matt wanted poached eggs then that would be a good opportunity to eat the same thing together as breakfast.  Besides, I like poached eggs.  I skipped the toast and had some of my scrambled vegetables (one serving left for tomorrow's breakfast).  After breakfast I took the kids to the pool at the gym because I promised them we would go.  They have a huge outdoor play area with a splash and play for the little kids, a lazy river, lap pool, adult water slides and adult pool.  I thought we would be there for several hours, we haven't been in a while.  But the kids, especially Chloe, decided they were done after only 45 minutes.  I was shocked.  Still, within those 45 minutes we had to take two bathroom breaks and then Chloe decided she was cold and hungry.  (I insisted the kids finish all their breakfast before we left so I know it's not because she didn't eat.  Interestingly enough Chloe ate oatmeal for breakfast-a carbohydrate, and Lily ate eggs for breakfast- a protein.  Chloe got hungry.  Lily didn't.  But then again, Lily hardly every utters the words "I'm hungry").

I got really tired in the afternoon and had to lie down with Chloe when I put her to sleep for a nap.  Lily watched a movie on the IPad.  Day 6-7 your body is really working on changing over from burning carbs and sugars to burning fat and protein so people will experience an energy slump during these days.
After my nap is when I did all the cooking.  In the afternoon I really wanted a diet pepsi but I drank water instead and ended up drinking a ton of water.  I realized I was thirsty after I started drinking .  Now I'm pretty much exhausted.  The kids are in the backyard playing in the little kiddie pool and I'm ready to go to bed.....
Here is dinner.  The cauliflower mash turned out great this time.  Even Matt liked it.  I was still so full however that I could only eat half (if that) of my food.  However, when Matt pulled out the chocolate cake I thought to myself "I could eat that!" but looking down at my plate full of food, I didn't want to eat, so I knew for sure I was seriously not hungry.  Which just goes to show that eating sweets has absolutely nothing to do with actual hunger... but we already knew that.

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  1. your awesome,!! thankful for your sharing all of this, with so much detail and everything.. thank you