Tuesday, August 11, 2015


A little tired today from going to bed late last night after staying up to watch a movie on prime with my sister.  I'm also sore today from Zumba toning.  I am always sore in my legs after going to that class, especially if I haven't gone in a while.  This morning while Lily watched Blues Clues I practiced my flute.  It was a really enjoyable time because I am finally making some progress with the songs I have been playing, and I feel like several are starting to come together and there is one song I've been working on for years that I can now play better than I ever have before.  I am thrilled to be able to play through the sixteenth notes at a tempo of about 120.  I still have a lot of work to do on that song before I would feel confident playing it for someone but I am excited to be making progress and to feel like I'm making progress and not just floundering.

After flute practice I went to bodyflow, which is that yoga/Thai chi/ Pilates class.  I have only done that class three times and this was definitely the best time I've had.  I felt like I was able to transition between the moves a little better and that I was able to hold the positions better as well.  So I also feel like I have been making progress in my workouts as well.  Which is another good feeling to have because I have been feeling stagnant for a long time in that regard.

I did have a slight energy drop this afternoon but I'm not entirely sure if it is from sleep or from the beans yesterday.  I wouldn't be surprised if it was because of the beans, there was a lot of sugar in them.  So I think my previous assessment of that particular food is a good one: eat sparingly, not every day.  Today was back to pure Whole 30 so we will see how I feel tomorrow which is another day of pure Whole 30 before I add another food item in.  Technically I can add in non gluten containing grains Thursday if I wanted to, which I might do.  I really want to add back in rice some time, but we will see which food strikes my fancy and which food is available.  

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