Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My body doesn't like....

Yesterday I added back in some things for the first time that made me feel not so good.  I had the idea to buy some beef jerky and use it for my after workout snacks as a protein source.  Or to use it when packing a lunch for an easily portable and non perishable protein source.  I tried some yesterday after my workout and from about 2pm-8pm my stomach hurt.  I just felt queasy.  It wasn't a huge thing, and I wasn't crippled over with pain, I just didn't feel good.  Well, that is not what I want, so I guess my body just doesn't like beef jerky, or at least not that kind.  I like the kind I bought because it's gluten free.   A lot of jerkys have gluten in them via seasoning.  Well, I will just pack up the remaining beef jerky in Matt's lunches and I will have to continue my search for an ultra portable and non perishable protein source.  I'm going to look at some of the Whole 30 approved bars like the Rx bar and the bison bar.

The other thing I added in yesterday that I discovered I don't want is Diet Pepsi.  Say What!  I opened up a bottle and was excited to try my treat and I could only take about three sips.  It just tasted gross.  I wanted to like it but I found I couldn't drink it.  So I dumped it down the drain and drank some water.  Crazy how much my taste and my likes have changed in just the past month and a half.  When you are eating clean, and eating well you really notice when your body doesn't like something.  Which is something I have never been able to notice or feel before.  I have never really been able to link how I feel to a specific food I ate until now.

Speaking of taste buds changing, last night I made some great pan fried cod with dijon mustard seasoning (usually I don't like dijon mustard seasoning but I thought it would be good with fish) and it was great!  I also made up some kale and asparagus.  I loved loved loved it.  I don't think I have ever been so happy eating vegetables.
This morning I got all the soda stream stuff down from high up on top of the cabinets that I got from my friend last year (she was getting rid of it, so it's used).   I was thinking I would put some water in the fridge and then carbonate it and put some lemon or lime in it as a cold bubbly drink.  I was looking at all the bottles and they expired in 2013!  So I ordered some new ones on Amazon today.  I wanted to get the glass bottles but they were way too expensive and they were very small.  The normal soda stream bottle size is 1 liter (the plastic ones last two years) and the glass bottle size is 24 oz.  And they were about three times as expensive.  So I just bought the plastic ones.  I will have to get glass later as it's too expensive right now.  I also dumped out all the soda making bottles I had.  They all came from my friend and we haven't used any of them for a good 6-9 months and I knew that I wasn't going to be using them anytime soon now.  So I got them down to dump out and checked the exp date and they expired in 2011!  Haha!  I guess it's a good thing we never really used them.  I think we tried them once when I first got it and they have been sitting up on top of the cabinets ever since.  I have no interest in making soda, but I do think that it will be nice to have a cold bubbly beverage on hand for the afternoon when things get hot and I want to have a cold drink.

Chloe is still sick, she is doing better now, but didn't sleep too well last night.  She kept coughing.  Her cough isn't as raspy but it is more prevalent.  I guess I will start using the oils on her again to try and give her some relief.  Poor girl.

My race is on Saturday!  I was talking to my brother and saying how I hope they have participation medals for everyone as a lot of races usually have medals, but last year when Matt and my father in law did this race they got beer glasses.  That would be so sad, I would be so bummed.  I don't drink alcohol at all and so getting a beer glass as a reward for my accomplishments would be a huge downer.  I really want a medal I can hang on the wall next to my weight loss photos.  I'm thinking of getting a quark board or something to document my journey and to see what I have done and how far I have come.

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  1. can I just say how cute you are :) Love reading about your journey! You might try making your own jerky... Then you control the seasoning and what is in the meat... just a thought ;) good luck