Monday, August 17, 2015

Learning to listen to my body

So I couldn't resist the temptation to weigh myself today.  It has been one week since I last weighed myself and I figured that was long enough and I really wanted to know where I was.  So I gave in and I was 146.6!  That's down .6 pounds and I definitely ate a lot more this last week than previous weeks.  I'm super happy about that.  I can't hardly believe that I'm not counting calories and I am still losing weight.

I have been thinking a lot about learning to listen to my body.  I'm trying to tune in more with my body's signals and do what my body tells me I need to do.  I'm learning to trust my body for the first time.  Not only with food, but with exercise too.  I'm learning to let my body go at the pace it wants to go and I'm learning when I can and should push myself and when I should pull back.  It's a long process and I'm just at the very beginning of it, but at least I have started and I feel like I can actually tune in now whereas before I never listened to my body.  I'm sure my hormonal signals were all messed up too from my food.  Today I went on a 4.6 mile run.  It was the same trail I did with my brother last week and I totally rocked it!  I was flying down the hills and going pretty fast.  At some parts my brain thought I was going too fast, but my body felt good.  So I listened to my body and let it do what it wanted.  I wasn't timing myself, and I wish I had started my running app so I know how fast I was going but oh well.  I just had an awesome time running.  I'm not even sure my pace was at a 10 minute mile yet but I felt good and was so happy to be running!  It was very weird to be so happy running.  Usually I hate running, but this run was different.  I just felt so alive.  It was by far the best run I've ever had.  Maybe I just had to tough it out for six months and clean up my diet before I could really experience the benefits of running.
In the middle of my run

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  1. so awesome.. I aspire to get to the point/place of listening/trusting my body.. your super amazing lady!