Monday, August 10, 2015

Day 31: Results

Because that is what I know you really want to know.  It was what I really wanted to know.  I stepped on the scale this morning and the scale flashed: 147.2

My starting weight was about 153, meaning I lost 6 pounds this last month.  I was finally able to break through the plateau I've been in since I gained the weight back, start eating more steadily, and over the past week my afternoon crashes have disappeared.  I had really hoped to weigh 145 but I am happy with my results.  That is only two pound over my goal and three pounds lower than 150, which was about as low as I could get before.  And that was with starving myself and killing myself in the gym.  I have loved not needing to count calories.  I have loved not feeling hungry all the time.  It has been hard, but counting calories and sticking to a certain number is hard too.  There is freedom and limitations with each approach, but for me, only one leads to true freedom.  The need to eat processed foods and sugary foods is gone.  There is still temptation, and still times when I think I want to eat those foods, mostly when they are right in front of me.  But I don't seek them out.  I am perfectly happy making a home cooked meal, even if it is something as simple as heating up some sausages and putting some fresh vegetables and macadamia nuts on my plate.  I don't seek for opportunities to eat out like I used to.  I always wanted to eat out before, and that gets expensive.  Now I seek for reasons to eat at home.  I think as I reintroduce some more foods and learn how to navigate eating out better, I will enjoy eating out again, but for now I am going to stick to safe options.  Once I add rice back in the Korean restaurant will be great as they always have meat, vegetables, and rice.  That's pretty much all they eat.  There might be some sugar in their sauces but I would doubt it, Korean's don't like sugar, even their cakes taste terrible because they don't put nearly as much sugar in them as we do.  (We never ate Korean cake when we lived in Korea it was soooo bad).  There is also Chipotle which is a great place (get the burrito bowl or the salad).  And now that Noodles and Co. have those spinach bowls that is a great thing to get too.

Today started reintroduction and I opened up a can of baked beans for lunch.  There were more off plan ingredients than just the beans in the can but on day 31 the no added sugar rule is pretty much gone, not that you are eating sugar by the droves, but if you want to eat lunch meat that has sugar in it, or sausage or bacon cured in sugar it is okay.  So there was some sugar in my baked beans but I didn't worry about it.  I added the beans in and I felt just fine today.  I ate them for lunch and dinner and I didn't notice any energy drops, or gas problems.  My stomach didn't hurt and I feel just fine right now.  I now go back to the Whole 30 for two days to see if there are any long term effects from eating them.  For instance, if I notice tomorrow that I have no energy it is probably because of what I ate.  I haven't experienced any bloating or unpleasant side effects as of yet.  But I think it would be good to eat them sparingly because of the higher sugar content.  They make a good side for hamburger night.

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