Monday, August 3, 2015

The Things I Miss

So my husband will be taking the laptop with him to work over the next three days so I make no guarantee I will be able to write another post until Friday.  If I have something terribly urgent to say I will go turn on the computer in the basement but I don't like doing that much because then the kids come downstairs and start playing in all the business supplies. 

Anyway, I did just fine today with the diet, but I didn't want to make the chicken stir fry I had planned on making tonight.  I think I was just tired, actually I still am tired.  I have been having a really hard time falling asleep at night lately and I don't know why.  I haven't been falling asleep until about 11:45 regardless of if I try to sleep at 9:30 or 11pm and regardless of how tired I am.  That's been three days in a row so I really hope tonight I can fall asleep quickly.  I have no clue as to why I can't fall asleep. 

Today was hard because I was around my extended family, the side that looooves diet pepsi.  (There is a reason why I am hooked on that stuff) and I really really wanted to drink some diet Pepsi.  My water just wasn't tasting all that great.  But I stayed strong and refrained.  I have been thinking about what things I really really miss eating and there isn't too much that I really miss.  I miss my almond milk, and I'm too lazy to make some, so I'm just going to wait until reintroduction and I can buy it again.  I also really miss diet pepsi, but I know that is something I really need to get off of anyway.  Maybe I can have like two a week or something.  Sugar of course, but that is something I am not going to touch for three months (my goal is 90 days at least).  Other than that there isn't a whole lot I miss eating on a regular basis.  Most things I would be fine with eating every once in a while, like rice, beans and peanuts.

   There was also leftover birthday cake today which I passed on but gave my kids some to eat when they discovered it.  I figured it was just a grocery store cake so it wasn't anything special and besides that it was several days old so it was probably getting stale.  I did have a good time with my family, but I am really tired now and it is only 6pm.  I want to just go to bed.  Both the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home so they will be up late *sigh*. 

I ate scrambled eggs and leftover hashbrowns for dinner because I really just didn't want to make anything.  I need to make sure the chicken gets cooked soon though.  If I get any energy before tomorrow maybe I will at least cook it up.  I want to get up early and run tomorrow, but if this bought of insomnia continues I doubt I'm going to have much energy or desire to get up at 5:45 and go run, which is really bad because I desperately need to get in some outdoor runs before race day. 

I'm kind of moody right now, being tired does that.  But at least I don't feel like eating, I just feel like sleeping.  I don't really have much else to say, things are going about the same as they have been the past three weeks.  I'm trying not to think about my weight or look at myself in the mirror, although today my family asked about my diet and I told them a little about it and what it entails and why I was doing it.  They said that I looked great, so that is some encouragement there.  One week exactly until I get to weigh in, Next Monday!

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  1. You're doing amazing. You've set a goal and now you're working so hard to attain it.