Friday, August 28, 2015

Trigger Foods

Wednesday I had popcorn for the first time since starting Whole 30 and on Thursday I was craving it like crazy, so I caved in and made popcorn and ate it again on Thursday.  I suppose there was just too much going on with the kids being sick and then me feeling sick, and not being able to stick to my exercise plans.  I've come to realize that I'm addicted to exercise now, I really like the feeling I get and I really enjoy doing it.  I have caught myself smiling like crazy in the middle of a workout for no reason.  And when I started trail running I will just start laughing at random times on the trail.  (Usually while running downhill).  Anyway, I wasn't able to exercise Wednesday or Thursday because I was so tired and feeling ill.  Turns out popcorn is a trigger food for me.  I ate a ton of popcorn (talk about a food with no breaks), but then that wasn't enough.  It wasn't enough just to eat the popcorn and feel satisfied.  Eating the popcorn left me wanting candy, cake, cookies, ice cream, brownies, raw sugar, something really sweet!  I didn't eat very well in the afternoon.  I had a slice of banana bread (giving into gluten) and I had a handful of m&ms (giving into sugar) and some other random snack food.  I wasn't too happy about falling off the wagon but at least now I know that if I am going to eat popcorn I should expect a severe craving for sugar to go along with it.  I guess it's that sweet and salty flavor.  Also I know that I really have no reactions to gluten.  Sure I was more bloated last night than usual but considering all the crap I ate it wasn't too bad.  I cooked up some eggs and had leftover potatoes for dinner since I really didn't want to cook, I was feeling really tired and kind of awful.  I was surprised I didn't puke in the middle of the night, so that was a plus.  Maybe it was because I ate some real healthy food afterwards.  Most of the time when I used to do that I would skip dinner and then my stomach would hurt something awful and many times I would puke around 2am.

Well, today was much much better.  I was feeling a little better so I did Fire 45, although I only made it about halfway through the workout and then after that I was kind of just going through the motions.  I was so exhausted afterwards I think if I had lied down I would have fallen asleep in a few seconds.  Matt finished the banana bread today and I was feeling rather sick to my stomach all morning.  I ate a light breakfast and then around 10:30 started cooking.  I made chocolate zucchini bread to replace the banana bread, that was sooooo hard to stay out of.  I wanted to eat the batter and the bread so badly but I was able to stick to my healthy eating plan.  I really wanted to get right back on track today and not turn this into a three day carb-a-palooza.  I didn't want to fall off the wagon and end right back where I was before I started Whole 30, and I was able to hold on and get through making that chocolate zucchini bread without even tasting it.  I knew that if I so much as tasted it, I would lose the battle and it would be a free for all.

After that I made a giant pot of onion and chicken soup followed by coconut cauliflower rice, and then for dinner I made Shepherd's pie.  So I made up for my no cooking the last few days.  I also went to the grocery store to pick up a few things we need for next week's meals.  I think I bought too many vegetables at Costco, the green beans and asparagus are starting to rot :-(  With everyone being sick, we just didn't eat them fast enough.

It was a busy day, a lot of time spent in the kitchen, but I'm glad I was able to stay on track and eat well today.


  1. You could blanch the veggies & freeze them so they don't waste =~}