Thursday, August 13, 2015


I am enjoying doing the slow roll reintroduction.  Tomorrow is my Grandma's 80th birthday and we are all going out to the country club to celebrate and instead of introducing something today, I have decided to introduce something tomorrow when we go out to eat.  That item I introduce will depend on what looks good when I get to the restaurant.  It's a prime rib and shrimp, lobster, crab buffet so it's possible that butter will be the thing I introduce.  I don't know yet, but I will let you know how it goes.

I am also glad that I can relax the no added sugar rule, not that I am eating products with added sugar like crazy, but it helps give me a larger variety of choices from my spice pantry as many of my rubs contain added sugar.  Today I used a spice on my Brussels sprouts called "Sweet Basil Rub" and that has some added sugar in it.  I don't think that eating a minuscule amount of sugar in your seasoning is going to do much harm.  And since I ate with with vegetables it didn't do anything to activate my sweet tooth.

Speaking of my sweet tooth, I am getting better and better at saying no and resisting and (dare I say it) not even wanting to eat sweets.  I made Chocolate chip cookies last night and I didn't care too much and wasn't tempted to eat them.  I'll tell you one thing, the recipe sure makes A LOT more cookies when I'm not eating the cookie dough.

This morning I went on my first trail run with my brother and it was awesome!  I really enjoyed it.  I loved running with him.  He slowed his pace and stayed with me the whole time (he likes to run marathons and run up mountains and stuff like that).  He is running a big race this weekend so he was taking it easy this week.  I'm going to have to do that trail run again before my triathlon race.  I told my brother about the tri that I'm doing and he thought it was awesome and wanted to do it with us, I told him if he could get out here then the running portion was all his!  Too bad he can't make it out next weekend. He heads back to Utah on Monday.

I still need to get in my 2000 yard swim this week so that is tomorrow.  I'm headed to Zumba and then I'm hitting the pool.  *sigh* How I HATE swimming laps.  Is there anything on this earth more boring than swimming laps?  At least on the treadmill you get to listen to music or watch TV, in the pool there is nothing.

Tonight I made a really good pork shoulder with butternut squash and Kale.  Lily actually liked the meat and the butternut squash.  Chloe was too tired to eat much. She didn't take a nap, which I definitely prefer because then she goes to bed at 7pm really easily and sleeps all night.  When she naps she is up until 10pm or later.

I had a lot of energy today, and I felt really good today.  I'm really enjoying the aftermath of the whole 30.  I feel better, I am more confident, I am happier, and I notice that I am ever so slightly starting to think less about food, weight, and body image.  I have had the energy to actually do things in the afternoon instead of sit around and try not to fall asleep.  I've been playing my flute and I've really been enjoying that.  The kids will usually read books or get their instruments out while I play.  Now that I'm not half dead for three hours in the middle of the day I'm suddenly a lot more productive.

I stopped by the Farmer's Market on the way home today and loaded up on some fresh veggies and fruit!  I got peaches, pears, tomatoes, and green beans.  Good thing too because I haven't been to the store in a while and we were running low on veggies and fruit.  We ate up all the green beans today, and I used the tomatoes for the dinner tonight.  Glad I bought them!  I've totally been lazy and haven't been to the store.  We still have plenty of food, even though we are starting to run low on some things.  But I really hate going to the store these days, so I'm postponing as long as I can.  We still have to eat up some more cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts and carrots in the fridge for vegetables and there is plenty of fish to grill in the freezer.  I can probably get by until Monday.  I just need to make sure we have enough vegetables to get us through the weekend.

Eating this way is a totally different way of thinking.  Before I wouldn't have cared if we had vegetables or not and now I can't live without them.  My body has really switched to a new way of eating and it likes it.  I like it, I'm plenty happy right now eating the way I am.  I am enjoying the slow roll out plan to reintroduction.

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