Thursday, August 6, 2015

Catching Up

My computer came in yesterday! Yea! I finally got my birthday present. I am super excited, I already downloaded windows 10 onto it and I think I am going to like windows 10 much more than windows 8. I have bad karma with windows 8. I haven't done much with it yet because I was gone when it was delivered so I had to go pick it up in the evening. Most packages I will allow to just be dropped off at my doorstep and left there, but when it's a brand new laptop, that is a different story. I don't want that getting up and walking away. I figured out how to turn my backlight on and off, and set up Cortana. That is going to be pretty fun to play with. It's basically Siri (although I have some bones to pick with Siri, for example today I asked where the closest Noodles and Co. Restaurant was and it sent me to a Chinese place. I ended up going to Noodles website to find the location). I took the kids out to dinner because they had been really good all day and were good sports about coming along to pick up my package.... that and I didn't want to make dinner.

  I just had some water because I had already eaten leftover chicken curry. I can't believe that I am almost done with my 30 days. I really want to weigh myself but I know the importance of the last several days. Big changes can happen the last week and especially in the last few days. So I'm being good. On Monday I get to start reintroducing foods. The first group is legumes and I think I will start with baked beans. I don't eat many legumes but I have four things in this category to introduce and instead of doing them all at once I think I will do them separately. They are: baked beans, black beans, peanuts, and soy. I love edamame so I'm glad I will get that back to add into my vegetables. I have a lot of frozen mixed vegetable bags in the freezer that have soybeans in them.

  Tuesday was a great day, I didn't crash in the afternoon like usual and I had a good run. I went up to my parent's house to run the hills around there and ran 3.5 miles. My mom mentioned that I looked like I had lost several inches which is always a good thing to hear. My run went really well. I'm still slower than a snail, but at least I am out there doing something and doing it of my own free will.

Wednesday was another great day. Again no afternoon crash and I was able to play my flute and do Lily's reading lesson. I had a really hard time falling asleep. I about passed out at 11pm when we were going to bed and then Matt started talking to me and after that I just couldn't fall asleep. I know I got in plenty of physical activity as we went to the Zoo in the morning. The kids had a good time, and were able to get their faces painted. They chose butterflies again. Chloe was wiped out by the time we left and she ended up sleeping until 6pm!

I tried to exercise in the afternoon but after about 25 minutes I just started feeling sick to my stomach. I wonder if it was the heat. Which sounds wussy but we had been out all morning in the sun and it was 76 in the house (this is where everyone who lives in hot climates throws something at me. I really feel like I should be able to workout in 76 degree weather, but something was up today with my body and it was having none of it in the afternoon.)

  Thursday dawned and I was remarkably not too tired. After getting breakfast and bathing the kids I went on a run. I decided to bring my dog with me and he didn't make it the whole way. I was planning on running 5 miles and he pooped out at 3 miles and I had to carry him home. I picked him up and took a shortcut home, but still had to walk the last mile. I think I will only bring him on my shorter runs for a while. But it is good for him to get out and get some exercise so I want to take him on my runs. After the triathlon on the 22nd I won't need to do the long runs anymore and I can just run 3 miles or so and build up his endurance better. It was too hot today. In the 90s, bleh, the kids were all red in the face while we were traveling. I went to my grandparent's house today and had a good visit with them. The kids read books to my grandma who has dementia and I played a couple songs on my flute. I only had two songs performance ready so it was over pretty quickly but that was fine because it was so hot in the house my flute kept slipping off my face due to me sweating so much.

 When we came home the kids watched some movies and I worked some more on getting my new computer set up. I really like my new computer, I just had a bunch of technical problems with ITunes and my phone. I wanted to update my old iTunes email to my new one but I had already used my new one as a recovery email so I had to go through all these hoops to change my old email address to my new one, including resetting my security questions because I apparently can't remember what answers I put down. That took a while and then what really took a long time was getting my iPhone synced with my PC. I was having this problem with the old lap top and thought it was a windows 8 thing, but now I'm wondering if it was just that version of IOS because after I updated my iPhone the computer recognized it like normal. I needed to transfer my photos from my phone to my computer. I am just happy that everything is working... Except inserting pictures into this blog post. I wonder if that is a Microsoft Edge thing (their new internet browser) or if blogger is just having troubles right now. This wouldn't be the first time I have had problems inserting pictures into my blog posts. I have had a lot more energy over the past several days and I wonder if I am finally getting into the Tiger Blood phase. They did say it would take longer for people with a poor diet before the Whole 30. Today I didn't crash in the afternoon again and I'm starting to be optimistic. I think I am going to set a permanent alarm for 6am and just have that be my regular getting up time. Ideally I would like to sleep from 10pm-6am and use the time in the morning as a time to get stuff done, like read my scriptures. The kids aren't awake usually at that time (until daylight savings hits I'm sure).

Note: Okay so I just switched to internet explorer, (because I don't have Mozilla or chrome installed yet and I was able to insert the pictures just fine, so it's windows edge) 

As a parting thought I really need to have another side baking day because I'm starting to eat too many potatoes and not enough other veggies, so tomorrow morning I am not going to eat any potatoes.  In fact I'm going to try to stay away from potatoes for the next few days just to make sure I am getting enough other veggies. 

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  1. Wow. Jenna you are such an inspiration...I can't wait to read all about the reintroduction phase.