Monday, August 24, 2015

Quick Check In

This is just a quick check in.  Lily now has Croup which is a major bummer so she was home sick all day yesterday and today.  We missed dance class tonight, she was sleeping and I wouldn't have taken her anyway.  (No need to infect the whole class right?)  This morning I was 146.8, which is .2 pounds up from last week but my body fat percentage was down from 30 to 29.8 and my muscle mass increased from 55 pounds to 56.4 pounds!  So I am perfectly happy if I have switched a pound and a half of fat for a pound and a half of muscle.  No difference on the scale but there is a difference in the way my body looks and feels.  I'm not going to weigh myself for two weeks now.  I'm getting too obsessed over the scale again.  So taking two weeks off.

I did Turbo Fire today: Fire 45 and felt great!  There is a huge difference between doing TF at 155 pounds and 145ish pounds.  I can move much faster and keep up the intensity a lot longer.  It felt great to move around today.  I put the kids down for a nap right before I started and they slept for about three hours, which was some really nice down time for me.  Since I am going to be home all week and can't go to the gym again I'm going to to TF all week long.  Tomorrow I'm going to do the HIIT 15 and and then Fire 30 on Wednesday and HIIT 20 Thursday and Fire 45 Friday and probably Fire 30 on Saturday.  If the kids are feeling up to it I would like to go on a trial run with my dad sometime this week.

I'm also going back to the basic Whole 30 for the next two weeks, not adding anything in, although probably relaxing the no added sugar rule a little bit.  Today I have not been hungry at all.  I ate a lot less than I usually do and I think I need to get back to listening to my body.  Eating all the "power food" on race day messed me up a little bit.  I had a power bar, and some trail mix and about half a Gatorade.  Sunday I had a lot of cravings for junk food, but I was able to hold it together.  Today I haven't been hungry even with my TF workout.  So the next two weeks it's back to really paying attention to my body and how much it tells me it wants to eat (which is challenging when you want to eat junk food but not the good food like veggies and meat so the goal then is to not eat the junk food and realize you really aren't hungry anyway).  In two weeks if I'm lucky I will hopefully be at 145 and once again in my healthy weight range.

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