Saturday, August 8, 2015


Today I was getting some m&ms for the kids out of the big bag we keep in the pantry and when I opened it up I just wanted to stick my face in the bag and start eating. I still want to eat sweets and other foods that are bad for me, it's just a lot easier to say no to those foods when you aren't hungry. So often we go on diets and we cut out a lot of the foods we like and then we are starving all the time because we are only eating 1200 calories a day and eventually we crack. That is what I like about this program. You aren't hungry the whole time. Your physical hunger is satisfied, which makes the emotional hunger, while still difficult to deal with, much more manageable.

  This afternoon I really wanted to snack again. It's a bad habit that has proven very difficult to break. I wasn't very hungry but I still wanted to eat anyway. I knew we weren't going to be eating dinner until late so I snacked on some strawberries and dates and drank some water. Afterwards I couldn't eat any more I was pretty full, but I still had the urge to snack just out of habit. I busied myself with my kids to take my mind off food.

  When Matt came home from work we went on a hike. I brought Pippin with us and he was very happy to come along. He did pretty good considering he hasn't been out much. He pulled a lot on the leash but I'm sure he will get better with time. I'm really going to try to take him out more often now that the kids are older. I grilled up some hamburgers on our grill for the first time and they were pretty good. I didn't get them squished quite flat enough for my tastes so they were a little thick but still tasty. It's been hard to find good seasoning for my hamburgers and fish because the usual spice mixes I use pretty much all contain sugar. Now why do they do that? (probably because it makes them taste better). I used a sweet potato as a bun again, and this time Matt actually asked me about it in this way: "What Is THAT on your hamburger!" I had to smile a bit because this is the third time this month I've done it. The first two were at the beginning of the month. I simply told him it was a sweet potato and I read that you could make a sweet potato bun and then you don't have to get all the calories from a regular bun.

  I got my eyebrows waxed this morning at the mall and then let the kids play at the play area there. I haven't been to the mall on a Saturday in a very long time and I was surprised to see all the booths set up everywhere. They had a booth for a local radio station and they had a guy in a moose costume. The kids loved the moose, and I was able to spin the prize wheel. I ended up winning a $25 gift card to the mall! How cool is that?! Then as we were walking to the play area I totally had an impulse buy
 How cute is that!  They were headband with giant bows.  I really liked the purple one but the kids both wanted pink.  The purple one was super cute, it looked like a sunburst, but Pink is in so that is what the kids got.  I also bought them a cute little pink basket, I figured it could help organize some of the toys in their rooms.  I found them at one of the little kiosks in the middle of the isle so they were pretty cheap (easy on the budget is always good for an impulse buy). 

Speaking of impulse buying I accidentally signed up for Amazon Prime the other day.  I was buying an external DVD drive for my new computer and I even bought a protective case to go with it so I could get the free shipping.  And of course they never have the free shipping automatically selected, you have to go in and select the free super saver shipping.  Well it was late at night and as I was searching for the box to select my shipping speed I saw these words "Free Shipping" and I clicked on it.  Then a box popped up that said "Are you sure...." and I said yes.  Next thing I know a box says "Thanks for trying Amazon Prime!  Your 30 day free trial has started".  Well that is what I get for buying stuff at 11pm at night and not reading everything.  So we have been trying it out.  I think it is great.  I've already ordered some small things to get the free two day shipping on them (first of all I get my cd drive on Monday instead of next Saturday which is super cool) and I am potty training Chloe at night.  She has been getting little prizes every 5 consecutive days of having a dry diaper.  She just earned her princess Aurora doll (Princess Aurora is her all time favorite) and tonight she is super excited to wear her undies to bed.  Not having to wear diapers to bed is a pretty big motivating factor for her so we will see if she wakes up dry again tonight.  I sure hope so.  She is going to get some olaf silverware if she can go five more nights.  That was pretty cheap and free two day shipping too!  And I didn't have to add stuff to my order to get up to $35. 

The kids have also been really enjoying Amazon Instant Video.  They have all the Dora, Diego, and Blues Clues episodes on there that Netflix doesn't have.  We also have a super awesome smart TV (that was Matt's birthday present) and the kids like watching the shows on that.  They watch Netflix on the ipad because I have a friend who is letting me use their Netflix account on my ipad.  I had to try out the music stations too, and I am excited to find some new music.  I've already found a couple songs that I like.  It is supposed to tailor your music selections to what you listen to and you can mark songs as either you do or don't like them and it will play more or less of those types of songs.  I've never had Spotify or Pandora, or any other music streaming service so this has been really fun and interesting.  I just need to get some external speakers setup so I can put on the kids channel and we can rock out and finally have no commercials and not have to worry about using up all our skips to find songs we like. 

I totally didn't mean for this to turn into a rant about my experimenting with Amazon Prime, but I have been enjoying my 30 days free.... And This is only day 2 mwahahaha. 

*ahem* anyway.  Today is day 29 of my 30 days!!! Woo Hoo!  One day left.  I'm not sure if I will blog tomorrow or not but definitely Monday.

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