Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chalean Extreme 30 day mark

Today is the 30 day mark and I am going to be starting the Push phase (phase 2) on Thursday.  I decided to make today another cardio day and then take tomorrow off.  The schedule had me taking today off and starting Push tomorrow, but starting on Wednesday just didn't fit well with needing to take Sunday as a rest day.  So the plan is to exercise Thursday, Friday, Saturday and then rest on Sunday, exercise Monday and Tuesday and rest on Wednesday that way I get the same feel of one week completed as I did in the first phase.  So without further ado here are my measurement results for the first month of hard work.

                                       Before                             30 days                        Change
Weight                            153.7                               148.6                        -5.1
Waist                              36 1/2 "                            34 1/2"                      -2"
Hips                               41"                                   41 1/4"                      + 1/4"
Abductors                      40 3/4"                             40 1/2"                      -1/4"
Chest                             36 1/2"                             35 1/2"                      -1"
Right arm                      11 1/2"                              11 1/8"                      -approx 1/4 "
Left Arm                       11 1/2"                              11 1/4"                     - 1/4"
Right thigh                     21 1/2"                              21 1/4"                     -1/4"
Left thigh                       21"                                    21 1/4"                     + 1/4
Body fat percentage       22%                                 20 %                        -2%

That is a total of 4 inches lost, or a net of 3 1/2 inches lost (if you count the two quarter inches I gained in my let thigh and hips) and most of it was around my waist and chest.  I have noticed that the waist on my pants fit a little better but I have not noticed any difference in my thighs.  I am bummed they didn't go down a bit since the thigh area of my new pants I've been wearing are pretty tight.  I am going to attribute the gains in inches to muscle building.  And I lost five pounds!  That is pretty good!  5 pounds in one month was my goal at the beginning of the year (to lose five pounds a month).  It just doesn't feel like I've come as far because I had to work off the weight I gained in January (which was almost 4 pounds).  And of course, I went down by two percent body fat! 

I'm not ready yet to show the pictures I have taken, and I am still not sure I will be showing them on my blog but I do have a pretty nifty picture that I put together for you to see.  The picture on the left was taken a few days after Chloe was born in January 2013.  I was still in the hospital and was about 220 when this picture was taken.  The picture on the right was taken just a few days ago.  My face has really slimmed down a lot with 63 pounds gone!

I start phase two on Thursday and hope to keep building muscle and losing body fat!  Hopefully I will lose some inches off of my hips and thighs this month.

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