Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Weigh In

So I've decided that I need to stop making these posts in the morning because too often I make good plans and then I don't follow through.  It's making me look better on my blog than I really am ha!  So now I am going to post my blogs in the evening so I know for sure how my day went.

This was a really strange week for me.  I felt hungry all week and very munchy.  To say I didn't stay on track this week with counting my food in My fitness Pal or even eating healthy would be an understatement!  Matt bought doughnuts yesterday because Lily was watching curious George and there was an episode about doughnuts.  Ironically, Lily didn't like the doughnuts, but that didn't stop the rest of us from eating all of them!  (I think I ate four.... yeah not my best moment of self control!)  But I only eat doughnuts about once every two years.

Despite my snack attack and my dessert splurges my weight stayed constant all week.  It didn't matter how much I exercised and how well I ate or how much I splurged, it stayed at 150.1 starting on Monday and continuing through today. So back up to 150 and the battle to reach 145 and enter my healthy weight zone continues. 

Since I am posting this in the evening instead of the morning, I can honestly say I stayed on track today with my calorie intake.  My total caloric intake was 1,263 and I even resisted the cookies that Matt pulled out of the freezer.  I wanted to eat them so badly, but now is the time to be strong.  Only three more weeks until the wedding and I would like to be able to raise my arms over my head!

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