Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lunch Sandwiches

I love to make sandwiches for lunch.  Most of the time I don't follow any particular recipe and I usually don't try to make a specific kind of sandwich.  I just put things on there that I like, it's more like a mix and match game that never gets boring because the taste comes out different every day!  Here are some of my favorite things to put on my sandwiches.

100% whole wheat tortillas from Costco (100 calories each)
Sara Lee Low Calorie whole wheat bread (45 calories per slice, 90 calories for two slices)

 Pesto- 1 tbsp (be careful with this, pesto can really add a lot of calories if you are not paying attention to how much you are putting on your sandwich, but it packs a punch!  I little bit goes a long way)
Hummus- My absolutely favorite thing to put on my sandwiches.  I put 2 tbsp on, (about 60 calories).  Hummus comes in so many different flavors that just with the hummus alone you can change the flavor of your sandwich.
Light Mayo-I am not really a fan of Mayo as it is just about the most unhealthy thing you can put on your sandwich, but if you like it make sure you get the low calorie kind (note: mayo made with olive oil is not low calorie and has just as much fat in it as the regular kind).  I used to eat light mayo on my sandwiches all the time until I switched primarily to hummus

Depending on where I go shopping that week I will get different kinds of meat.  When I can I like to buy meat at the deli since there are no preservatives in this meat, but it can be pricy for certain brands.  Other wise I will buy the Family Size Oscar Meyer deli meat packets or if I am at Costco I get the Columbus Turkey breast sandwich slices.  I stick to turkey and chicken.  Occasionally I will buy ham, but try to stay away from higher calorie meats like corned beef and roast beef.  If you want to indulge in these higher calorie meats, make sure to allow room for it in your day by cutting back on something else.  I usually put about 3 oz of meat on my sandwiches.  There are plenty of flavors of turkey and chicken to choose from so that you don't get bored with one flavor:
Cracked pepper turkey
Oven roasted turkey
Mesquite turkey
Oven Roasted Chicken
Smoked Chicken
Any flavor of chicken or turkey that your deli offers (Ours has a really good buffalo flavored one)

I never put cheese on my sandwiches since it just adds extra calories and fat, and by the time I am done putting my spreads and toppings on my sandwich I can't taste it anyway.  I figured it was a lot of calories and fat to spend on one little piece of cheese that I can't taste.
I don't put all of these on my sandwiches at one time but I usually put about 6-8 toppings on my sandwich depending on what I have on hand.  The more toppings you put on your sandwich the better it tastes and the less likely you will get bored with your sandwiches
Clover/alfalfa sprouts
Bell Pepper
Green olives
Avocado (adds more calories than others)

Just pick some of your favorites!

I do not use mustard on my pesto sandwiches, but I love putting them on my hummus and mayo sandwiches.  This is another great way to switch up the flavor of your sandwiches.  Most mustards are very low in calories, just make sure you don't get anything that says creamy.  Here are my favorites:
Regular Yellow Mustard
Honey Mustard
Southwestern Spicy Mustard
Dijon Mustard (I don't like this one but Matt loves it so I put it here)

And there you have it!  Professional sandwich making made easy!  I am sure there are many more combinations you can make and if you have an ingredient you love that is not listed here please feel free to leave it in the comments section.  I will leave you with several pictures of some of my creations.

Tortilla with garlic hummus, turkey, pickles, tomatoes, zucchini, sprouts, onions, spinach and southwestern mustard.  262 calories
Sara Lee Reduced calorie bread with pesto, turkey, zucchini, tomato, onion, sprouts, bell pepper and spinach

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