Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trip to the Temple and Matt's Birthday

Yesterday was Matt's Birthday and it was a very busy day!  Matt turned 29 yesterday, one year left until he hits the big 3-0.  The morning was business as usual.  Wake up, feed the family breakfast, and then exercise.  I did the Push 2 workout today.  The push phase is pretty tough since we are lifting weights heavy enough to make your muscles fatigue by 6-8 reps.  For several of the exercises I don't have weights heavy enough, for example all the lower body exercises.  So I have to make due with what I have and try to "make the weights seem 50 pounds heavier than what they really are" as Chalean says.  I only have weights up to 15 pounds.  I still have plenty of room to grow on my upper body though.  My upper body has always been weak.  I did a little Zumba for cardio after my weight lifting to try and burn some calories to offset what I knew I would be eating this afternoon and evening.  I only burned off 400 calories since lifting weights doesn't in and of itself burn too many calories while you are doing it. 

Around 11:00 we packed the kids up, and headed out to Matt's parent's house to drop the kids off so we could go out to eat and then to the Temple.  Matt chose a Chinese place that his family is partial to called JPs over by where his parents live.  Since today was Matt's birthday I wasn't exactly worried about what I was eating.  I ordered the Moo Goo Gai Pan, which is a little better than getting something fried (but it still came with an egg roll and a crab cheese wonton which I ate so I am sure there were plenty of calories in those to make up for it). 

After lunch Matt and I went to the Temple
I thought I put together a pretty decent outfit for my general lack of fashion sense.  I pulled out my brown shoes I bought eons ago in Germany, and I traded the black sweater I was wearing for a brown one to match my shoes.  My cell phone is in my pocket, that is why it looks funny.  I don't have any black high heels (a problem I plan to remedy this summer).  I love the temple it is such a beautiful place!  And the new flowers have been planted and some of the perennials are starting to come up!  I am glad we get to go again in a few weeks for Emily's endowments.  We don't usually make it to the Temple very often but by chance we are going three times this month!  (once yesterday, once for Emily's endowments, and then again for Emily's wedding).

After the temple we went back to Matt's parent's house and played with the girls in the pool.  I wasn't sure about letting them in the pool since they are both sick with colds, but the water was warm and they both wanted to go so badly.  I just hope they don't get any sicker because of it.  I need to get a new swim suit since the only one I own is from my pregnancy and it is literally falling off.  It was falling off while I was walking around in the pool with Chloe!

After pool time is when I really did the most damage to my diet.  I knew it was coming but I still feel I could have eaten better.  We had mashed potatoes, with BBQ beef and some asparagus for dinner and I ate way too much beef and potatoes.  I should have put more asparagus on my plate and eaten half the potatoes and beef I did.  But the real damage didn't come until dessert!  Thunder Thigh cake, so called because it gives you thunder thighs if you eat it! (I am sure I can blame at least 10 pounds of my weight on this cake).  It's a German Chocolate cake baked and then you poke holes in it with the back of a spatula, pour a can of sweetened condensed milk on top and then half to 3/4 a bottle Hershey's chocolate syrup on it.  Then put Cool Whip on the top and sprinkle crushed Heath bars on top of that.  Matt's family calls it "the other woman"

I surprised Matt by bringing the gifts I bought for him to his parents house.  He was very surprised and excited to be opening them :)  Here is a picture of his main gift we got him:
It's a shadow box that says Dad on it and I got the plaque engraved to say "Love, Lily and Chloe 2014"
You can see the cake in the right hand corner!

So today I am planning on eating light.  I have been weighing in at 148.8 all week and I would like to stay that for the weigh in tomorrow.  I am going to start a new challenge for myself and see how many days I can go without eating sugar (translation: desserts and candy).  Hopefully I can make it through today and today will be day 1.

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