Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zumba Goodies and a new haricut

I have been thinking for a while about writing an e-mail to Majesco thanking them for making the Zumba games, especially the game for the Ipad since that is what I used for almost a year to exercise.  It's hard for me to exercise since we can't afford a gym membership with two kids needing daycare, and I don't have a jogging stroller, and I think it would have been way too hard for me to go jogging with two kids anyway.  Besides that, I really despise running and I would not have stayed with it.  So the Zumba games were a life saver for me!  I was debating waiting until I had lost some more weight ( I originally thought of emailing them when I was around 170 pounds, and now I was 148 so I just decided to go ahead and email them).  I didn't really expect much back from them, maybe an automated message saying they received my email, and really it was just a thank you letter anyway.

I was surprised about two weeks later when I received an email back from the company congratulating me on my weight loss and they said they were going to send a box of goodies to me!  They were so supportive and nice, and really made me feel like I had accomplished something amazing even though I have not reached my goal weight yet.  They asked a few more questions about how often I played the games (which was three to four times a day and my goal was to play for three hours a week) and about the kinds of food I ate and I told them about starting out with portion control and then eventually training myself to eat healthier food.

A few days later I received a package in the mail, and what was inside was totally AWESOME!!!

Majesco is such a great company, they are amazing!  I can't believe that they sent all of this to me for free just for writing a thank you letter to them for helping me loose 63 pounds so far.  They sent me the Zumba wrist bands that I have been wanting to get, but just could never justify.  I also got the carpet gliders that I have been wanting to try out, two Wii games: Zumba World Party (yay!) and Zumba Kids (popular songs instead of classic Zumba songs, as long as the moves are good, this will be fun to play even if the avatars are kids instead of adults), and 3 CDs!  I am so excited!
Yes my kitchen table is a disaster zone

So now I have to get a Wii to play my games :)  Fortunately the new Wii U is out and so Wii consoles are going for about $50-$70.  However, that is still a bit expensive for a non-essential.  However, Dad is thinking of buying Chase a new Wii U (one of the benefits of being the youngest and still living at home :)  and he said that once he buys Chase the new Wii that I can take the Wii they currently have!  Wahoo!  I don't know how long it will be until they buy a new Wii, but with me and Chase bugging Dad about it, it probably won't be too long ;)  I still have a month and a half of my weight lifting program, so hopefully by the end of my program he will buy it and I can start playing my new awesome games!
Lily helped me take that picture, not bad for a 3 year old :-)

In other news, I got my hair cut today and I love it!  It will require a bit more maintenance than just wash and wear, but I was never happy with how my hair looked before and if I want it too look nice I guess I am just going to have to do something about it.  I actually feel like I look good now.  I don't feel like I look messy or disheveled, I will just have to figure out how to spend a few minutes fixing my hair after my shower and working that into my routine. 

Can you see the difference between this picture and the picture above where I'm holding the Zumba stuff?  This is much better, looks much neater and more put together and less messy and less bumpy/poofy. 

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