Saturday, March 8, 2014


Last night Lily got out of bed twice and both times were fairly close together, causing me to be awake for a long period of time in the middle of the night.  So this morning I was still tired when the kids woke up just before 7.  Since this is the first week of the push phase my muscles are feeling much more fatigued than last week and I am just tired right now since we have stepped up the weight lifting workouts.  All of this bodes ill for today's workout which is the hardest workout on the series: Burn intervals.  Today, I barely made it through the whole 45 minutes, and thought twice about doing the ab burner video before I decided that I needed to do it.  I had to stop several times and didn't make it through many of the exercises.  I actually collapsed on the floor twice while doing the burpees, but I did make it through the whole program and managed to burn about 413 calories according to my heart rate monitor. 

Right after I finished exercising and showering I then proceeded to eat too much food.  Ahhh food, an ever constant battle.  Today it was BBQ chips.  I should stop buying them.  I should just buy the chips that Matt likes and the ones I don't like (Sour Cream and Onion). I used to like Sour Cream and Onion chips but now they just taste too artificially flavored and just seem to taste funky. 

I've been in a munchy mood all week and therefore my eating has been off this week much more than previous weeks.  There have been two days that were pretty bad, filled with cookies and popcorn.  Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I have been at 150 all week so I am pretty sure that I will be 150 again tomorrow in the scale (I didn't weight in today).  So today I need to make sure I eat light for the rest of the day to offset the higher amount of calories I consumed in chips at lunch time!  Good thing I made a healthy Asian soup yesterday with lots of veggies!
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  I will just have that for dinner and skip the left over Pad Thai.  I'm not really afraid of the scale going up tomorrow, but it would be nice for it to go back down to 148.  I still do not know why it jumped back up to 150 and I'm pretty peeved about that.

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