Saturday, March 1, 2014

Zumba World Party

Coming up on the last few days of phase one of Chalean Extreme and I am making sure my eating is spot on as well as getting in plenty of exercise throughout the day.  Today was a Cardio day and instead of doing the Burn it off 25 minute program I decided to go over to my parents house and try out the amazing new Zumba World Party game on their wii.  It was so much fun! I loved every song, and my heart rate stayed over 140 the whole time, and was in the 160s-170s for most of it. The load times are faster and there is less wait time between each song as the demo before and after each song is shorter.  I like that because it feels more like a real class and your heart rate doesn't drop too low in-between songs.  I chose a 60 minute class with high intensity.  In one hour I burned 576 calories according to my heart rate monitor and the game told me that I burned 575 calories during the workout, which was spot on!  I have never seen an estimate so close to the actual number of calories I burned, so that was pretty awesome and earns my seal of approval!


I love the new settings and the new graphics.  Also, it tracks your "Zumba moves" and once you hit a streak of 6, the game adds more dancers and background light and once you hit 12, the game adds the last set of dancers and lights to the point where it looks super awesome!  You start out with only one dancer at the beginning of the song which is different from the other versions, it makes it feel more like you are working towards something in every song and adds an extra component of "play".  I loved the new feel.  I just tried out the full class mode and I did not play around much in the world party mode (where you can free select songs).  However I did visit this screen and it had more of a DDR feel where some songs are locked until you reach certain levels.  They have also added "flier miles" and passports which I didn't look too close into, but all of the this gives it more of a video game feel instead of just an exercise program.  Translation: Awesome!

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  1. Hi guys, I have a question - when I play the World Party Zumba, I get only 2 classes of each : short, medium and long, the rest seem to be "locked". Is that so, or is my game not wiring properly?

    1. When I looked at it and according to my sister who plays it all the time, the classes should all be unlocked at the beginning of the game. I know that you can unlock more songs in the "free play" mode as you play