Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Weigh In

This week has felt like it crept by so slowly, and my body has gone into another round of soreness.  I have to say, through all the past weight loss up till this point, nothing has been quite so hard as lifting weights.  It seems like I am sore all the time now, and as soon as I get over the soreness and I think I will be golden for the rest of the month, I get sore all over again next week!  This is my third week of the push phase and after day one and two of lifting weights, my body aches!  My hamstrings, my chest, my back, my shoulders, everything is sore.  That is how you know you are building muscle though.  If you want to build muscle, you will be sore since what you are doing is tearing the muscle fibers and it is your body repairing the muscle fibers and filling them in with more muscle that builds up your muscle.  That is why you get sore, because you actually make little tears in your muscle fiber.  Crazy I know!  I keep waiting for this to get easier and it never does!  But I didn't start this three month program to do something easy.  I started to do something amazing.  Even though I am spending most of my time aching and sore, I have noticed a huge change in my strength and that has helped me tremendously already.  Being able to more easily move around, pick up the kids, move the couches, push the stroller, play at the park, has made this challenge worth the effort I have already put in and I am willing to put in a full effort for the remainder of my time.

Speaking of which, I decided I am tired of putzing around 150 and I am ready to get a move on.  I feel like I did when I reached 180 and I stalled for a little while around the upper 170s and didn't really get anywhere for several weeks, and I just decided to eat healthier and cut out desserts and candy.  That was when I experienced the fastest weight loss of this whole journey.  I feel the same way now, I am tired of being so close to my healthy weight range and being stuck here for nearly three months!  I am ready to get a move on.  This week (with the exception of Sunday as the first day of the week) I didn't eat any candy or desserts, and I really focused on eating 1500 calories or less, and eating healthy.  For the remainder of this weight lifting program, I am going to avoid desserts and candy and really focus on eating healthy and fueling my body with good food.  With a little luck, I will experience similar results as the last time I did this.  I understand that I weigh less now, so losing weight that fast may not occur.  Also I am still building muscle, which always reflects on the scale.  So!  I am also challenging myself not to weigh myself during the week and to only weigh myself on Sunday so I stop worrying about the day to day changes and my mood will not be determined by what the scale said that morning.

With that in mind my weight today was 147! For a total weight loss last week of 1.8 pounds.  My goal for next week is to hit that ever elusive number of 145 and at long last, enter into my healthy weight range.  With that possibility in mind, I think I have all the motivation I need to make this another fantastic week.

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