Sunday, March 2, 2014

Zoo Days

Last summer I decided to get a pass to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo so I would have something outdoorsey to do with the kids for the year.  Last summer I pushed my double stroller all over that zoo!  For those of you who don't know, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of only 3 mountain zoos in the world and basically that translates to: hills.  You start at the bottom and you go up.... and up.... and up.... and up!  It is a super good workout, especially when you are spending four or more hours tromping around!  After going so much over the summer which is their peak time, it was actually quite nice to go during a time that was less crowded.  It was almost like we had the whole zoo to ourselves!  We weren't rushed and didn't have to weave around hoards of other kids and day camps.

This time we went to the zoo was the first time the Chloe was actually aware (her being 6 months old the last time we went).  She loved seeing the monkeys and playing with the chickens at My Big Backyard
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And looking at the goats.  She even got to go in there and pet the goats before they closed for the day.
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Maybe it was because it was not so hot, or maybe it was because there were not as many people around, but a lot of the animals that were not out during the summer were out last week!  Here is a picture of the Tiger
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I've never seen the tiger up close before!  It was right next to the fence pacing back and forth.  It was super cool!  Also, the grizzly bears were playing in the pool.  One of them found a stick and was splashing about and that was making the kids laugh hysterically.
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Now that it is March, hopefully it will be warm enough to go to the zoo again once a week like we did over the summer.  I need to get in as many days as I can before my pass expires!  Plus it is great for getting exercise :-)

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